Apocalypse How: The Blame Game

In our discussion of the Awakening Process we have talked about the various hierarchies that exist on planet earth and the way they manipulate human society.

The social engineers use incrementalism as the preferred methodology when carrying out their plans for human evolution.

Sometimes they do escalate things to a faster pace when they want unprecedented change in a short period of time, think world wars and economic depressions , and false flag terrorism events in the last century and you get the idea.

So part of the awakening process is about identifying these control mechanisms becasue its very important that we understand why the world operates as it does and who is behind the wheel so to speak, becasue once you start to see the larger picture it will prevent you from getting caught up in the divide and conquer schemes that are so prevalent and work so well to keep us in the dark.

Once you do start to see the “Big Picture” it is very important that you understand that the awakening process is not about who is to blame for the fear based paradigm that exists , it is simply about understanding the way the system works so that you can side step it, you can be in the world but not of it.

Within the awakening community and theĀ  researchers and voices out there , you will come across an energy that is very intent on who is to blame and and who we need to “Go After” to resolve the corruption and greed that has ransacked humanity’s potential for greatness.

And here is where you will need much discernment, to realize that by staying angry all the time , and blaming this group or that group you are falling into the trap again.

Yes you have a broader perspective of reality , yes you are aware of those that are perpetuating the madness , but if your heart is darkened , and your soul is in agony over the realization of these realities, then in affect the process has dis- empowered you.

Now this is a process I think we all go through during the ” initial awakening phase”, but it is important at some point to move on and allow this growth to continue , becasue there is so much more to the awakening than what is going on here on earth , in what we call physicality or the “Mass Drama”.

You will find that your ability to move forward more easily ,to let go of the past , to not worry about the future , to live in the moment , will increase the rate at which you can raise your vibrational awareness.

And as you raise your awareness of all things not just about the archaic control mechanisms on earth , but about the nature of reality itself , here is where you find unprecedented growth , love , compassion , understanding , and enjoyment of just being , that will wipe away any anger you may feel about those you may want to “Blame”.

So try not to get caught up in the ” Blame Game” it will only slow you down !

Bask in the Astonishing light of your own Being !

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