Apocalypse How: Can’t Blame the System

If the only choice you have is to vote Red or Blue , don’t bother , they are two sides of the same coin, there is “NO ” difference .  Anybody who is somewhat aware of what is going on here on planet earth has a fairly good idea that our political system is toast.

There is nothing inherently wrong with ” The System ” itself , you always here people say things like …man it’s the system ! The System is screwed up , we gotta come up with a new system !

I have to laugh when I hear this , because they are not seeing the big picture , there is nothing wrong with the system, the founding fathers were pretty sharp dudes , the problem is the system they created , which was designed to be for the people doesn’t even really exist anymore.

It’s been modified , manipulated, re created , corrupted , by those that need power because they have none , and of course we can’t blame them either ,  they are us , they are part of the human race, part of the collective consciousness , and yet every election  year people keep voting for them like it’s their favorite member of  Survival , Lost , or Dancing with the Stars , it’s  like some kind of mixture of hero worship, Idolatry and Stockholm syndrome , I can’t figure our why any one votes for these people anymore .

Well yes I can actually … because no one wants to take responsibility for themselves… which is what feeds the need for the “Big Daddy ” syndrome that runs rampant through out society , oh Big Daddy where are you  … please take care of me !

The basic idea of government  is sound , we do have a society , and things need to get done , and we do need people who enjoy serving  ” We The People ” in that way , the problem is when politics turns into a career , instead of short term service , when money is the prime motivation for everything and mob rules , then it starts to go down hill , and that’s where we are now , at the bottom of the hill or heading there rapidly .

But we should stop saying  it’s the System’s fault ,that’s  just another excuse to blame someone or something  else  , just like saying money is the root to all evil , there is nothing inherently good or bad about money ,it’s a piece of paper,  it’s  just a prop , it has no built in meaning , it ‘s simply a system that facilitates commerce.

So we can’t blame the systems ,  the problem is the quality of consciousness that currently exists .  So what do we do about it , nothing , there is nothing you can do to change the quality of consciousness of other people , you can of course increase the quality of your own consciousness , that’s your best course of action , and if by doing so others are motivated to emulate you than so be it , it should not be the reason you are doing it though , it should simply be a by product.

With the continuing decline of  all  ” The Systems ” on planet earth , Economic, Political , Social and so on … some people will get depressed about it , some people will storm city hall and protests on the streets, some may get involved in politics in hopes of initiating change from within  , and these are all valid responses , all valid expressions,  all valid paths , there is no wrong way to be of course .

However … there is also another way to look at this, another valid path , another way of exploring or dealing with it , and that is the idea of shifting , I know we talk about shifting a lot , and when you first start working with this idea , it may seem a bit abstract , but it is something we all do constantly , we are always shifting , it is how we perceive motion  , why we perceive motion .

The idea here , as it relates to having or wanting better systems , is to understand that you cannot perceive that which you are not the vibration of , in other words you can’t change a system for the better if your going into it ,  at the vibration , at the same level of consciousness, the same quality of consciousness … all you will end up with is a new corrupt system . You just can’t blame the system , it just a prop , we give it meaning we make it corrupt or we give it integrity.

So this is where the shifting part comes in , when you become integrity , when you become honesty , when you become unconditional love, when you become service to others , you will be that vibration , which will  allow you to , shift to , experience , resonate with , change the channel to,  an already existing station,  on the cosmic cable service , where an already existing program is running , one that you are now able to perceive becasue of the changes you made to your self .

It has nothing to do with trying to change others, it has nothing to do with trying to change the world , it has nothing to do with trying to change  ” The System ”  , You can’t Blame the System !  It’s time we all take responsibility ” For Ourselves” and clean house , our inner house , so that we quit dumping our garbage into the collective , and then  expecting it to smell like roses, that makes no sense , its nonsensical .

It’s time we look deeper , go deeper, and start to look at these things form the  template level reality , where it’s all being planned and orchestrated, what we see in the consensus reality is the done deal , its the reflection of our beliefs and definitions , trying to change the outer world without making the inner changes first  is like walking up to a mirror and trying to manipulate the reflection , it’s impossible its just a reflection .

Blaming the system becasue it reflects who we are is just plain silly !

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