Apocalypse How: Red October

As an aware observer it is fascinating to watch what  happens when the Sun sends some energy our way , and recently we had the magnificent hyder flare caused by a massive filament eruption, it was quite impressive and beautiful , and it created a very large Coronal Mass Ejection.

We only received a glancing blow , but the energy was palatable as always when it hit the planet , I always feel very energized when we get hit with those high speed particles , these update packets for consciousness to use as we migrate to another operating system , it’s like dancing in the rain !

We haven’t had a lot of solar activity lately and I had been ” Jonesing” for a hit , and man we got it , and it felt good !

During these silent energy storms , we get the most beautiful light shows on earth , and this time was no different , what was really fascinating however was the colors , much of the colors this time around from Oregon to Australia , were the reddish hues , hence the Title of this Article Red October !

Of course universe with it’s sense of humor and being perfectly aligned and connected with “everything” showed it’s true colors as usual , so within the meme of Red October , we had the Death of  Tom Clancy , remember Hunt For Red October , on Tuesday just as the energy from the sun was hitting us , coincidence … no such thing …and it even produced ” Red Auroras”  around the world  …welcome to the show !

So what else might Father Sun be telling us with its recent Red Energy shot to humanity , well Red is a color that  stimulates , energizes , propels people to take action ,  we see some of  that happening  in the district of corruption , something seems to be happening , too early to tell what exactly will manifest from it all .

And like anything here in duality there are negative aspects to the color red, such as aggressiveness , domineering , over bearing , control freaks , yeah you know who I’m talkin bout …and there is plenty of that going around as well , so as usual nothing has built in meaning , “we give it meaning” , so when all that energy from the sun comes in , it’s up to you as an individual to funnel it in the direction you choose  , creation or destruction , love or hate, positivity or negativity .

As we move through Red October , I say  ” Red Alert ” , stay alert , stay awake , now is the time to shift , to a version of reality that is so vastly different than what your used to , make a giant shift this time , a giant leap , skip a few rocks in between , and leap outward , in absolute faith universe will support you in every way , and when you do , you will be a completely different person , a completely different being , in a completely different earth in a completely different universe …one that is more in alignment with your core vibration!

Go Red October !

Check out the books and videos on Red October below !

Just found Bill Ballard , love him , very resonate ! Check him Out !

Good vid below showing the beautiful filament eruption !

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