Shift Report : Boehner Stands Firm

Because of  the actions of Boehner we are reaching the climax of another shift point !  I know … I’m really ” Milking ” this thing … it’s just so easy ..can you blame me !

OK enough innuendo for a moment , so here we are at another  “Pivotal ”  shift point , will  Boehner Stand Firm , or will there be a last minute deal and then  business as usual , which equates to more  debt and Obamscare shoved down the  throats of those who willingly participate in such matters.

Personally I don’t really care , in other words, I have no intentions of participating , or buying into this nonsense , Health Care to me is a personal thing ,  something I take responsibility for , not something I give anyone else power over , I am not a believer in “Big Daddy” , and as far as the debt ceiling well that’s just plain stupid, a joke, like believing in the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus, it doesn’t exist, there is no debt ceiling !

However  from the perspective of shifting , from parallel reality to parallel reality , and as an aware observer , I can see where now is time for another choice to be made , remember nothing has built in meaning, we give it meaning, we always have a choice , and if that choice is business as usual or  a  Default and potential collapse of our current economic , and or currency , then I choose the latter.

Why … because , I understand the idea behind creative destruction , I understand that in order for a change to occur I have to be that change , in other words , I will never be able to perceive that which I am not the vibration of , so If I want to see change in the outer world , then first  I must change , and I must do so with out any expectation of what will happen out there , that is real inner change.

And it’s working , becasue I am seeing signs of collapse , of destruction of the old systems, in the outer world , and that’s a good thing , that tells me I am shifting through the versions of earth , the versions of  parallel realities that are more in alignment with my beliefs and definitions.

Until ultimately , I will find my self in a drastically different version of earth , where the idea of  being forced to purchase something does not makes sense , it is nonsensical , as it already is to me personally , and always has been , the outer manifestation is just catching up if you will .

The reason the outer manifestations are not instantaneous , is because we are operating as a collective here, planet earth is a collective or shared experience , so naturally to make it so , we sort of have to wait for each other ,  while enough of us build these alternate realities, these alternate consensus realities at the template level , and then we can shift to an already existing  frame work that these new collectives are built on.

And that’s why the doom sites or so popular , people want change, they like to talk about collapse and the end of the old ways , it resonates with them , they are tired of the same old thing day in day out, they are tired of being slaves to a system that serves those that seek to control .

So we are all Co Creating new frameworks , that are being set up at the template level , remember universe allows “all ” things expression , everyone gets what they want , or more accurately , everyone gets what they believe in, what they buy into with their source energy .

Reality is like a giant amusement park to use a Bill Hicks metaphor,  you can create any ride you want with your beliefs and definitions and the price of the ticket is your source energy.

So here we are at the “Y” in the road , a shift point , time to choose , and one way leads to Same old Shit , ad nausea , kinda like a really boring merry go round , endless , pointless , repetitive … the other way … radical change ! …radical shifting, yeah! like a roller coaster! … now it might be a “very ” bumpy ride, yeah it may mean things become uncertain for a while , yes it may even be a bit painful and yes …some may even lose their lives.

But hey people die every day , people go through pain every day , there is uncertainly every day , so lets do this , lets take our tickets out , lets buy into , with our source energy something new , lets make a giant radical shift !

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