Apocalypse How: The Health Scare System

The Health Scare System, no it’s not a play on words , at least not from my persepctive , to me it is a “Scare” system , more so than a “Care” system.

Let me be clear I’m not saying “everything” about modern medicine or the health care system is inherently bad , universe uses everything, universe is everything , so this is not a polarized perspective, I am simply pointing out that certain belief systems that have manifested out of the construct we call health care are not exactly …well… healthy !

Again it’s not the system or construct, it’s the quality of the consciousness that animates a system that will determine how effective it is , how corrupt it is and so , the same is true with any system , whether it be , political , economic , social and so on , it all depends on the quality of consciousness that currently exists, and one just has to look around to see that we need some improvement from the persepctive of the “collective consciousness” anyway , however the collective is made up of individuals , so the work starts at home !

Individually many of us are moving towards a much higher caliber of behavior , of consciousness, and we have already eclipsed many of the constructs and events that occur , simply becasue we no longer give them our attention.

First off modern medicine has become another crutch , another type of religion where the new gods are the doctors , another manifestation of “Big Daddy ” . I am amazed how people talk about their doctors as if they are absolutely necessary for their survival , as if without a doctor in their life , and regular visits and check ups they would soon perish.

Of course it’s all about responsibility , it always is , most people would rather let someone else take responsibility for their body , their health, the usual behavior is , I can abuse my body , and if something happens the Doctor can fix it or tell me what I should do , it’s a very childish , limited persepctive , but hey everyone has a right to express themselves however they wish… as long as it does not infringe on my right to do the same !

When I look at the whole system , the entire construct if you will of the Health Care System , it is basically made up of , Doctors  Hospitals , Insurance Companies and Pharmaceutical companies , in other words it really “Big Business ” , based on profits , so they are inherently “”when they are  treating disease and illness, so naturally a healthy population of humans would be a dire consequence for their bottom line, no we can’t have that.

And this is where the problems begins , the entire system is built on treatment as opposed to prevention. Prevention to me is using common sense  , about taking care of your body with a proper balance of diet , exercise and  positive state of being .

The Health Scare System in collaboration with all the other fear based constructs that are currently operating on this planet perpetuate bad behavior ,  and when this bad behavior manifests as health issues , here comes the Health Care System to save you from yourself , much like religion and politics, it’s simply another crutch to give away your power to someone else.

When someone asks me , who is my doctor , I tell them I don’t ” Have” a doctor , that’s when I get the look , the look of disbelief , the look of  “fear ” , it’s like I said I don’t have a car , or I don’t have a place to live .

For those that are ” indoctrinated”  into believing that the only way to stay healthy is to “Have ” a doctor , this is the typical response.

It’s the same response when someone asks me when was my last ” Check Up ” , as if , since I haven’t gone to another human being and got their certificate of health   , I will surely suffer the consequences one day , of course I do not judge those who choose to “buy into ” those types of constructs , it is their choice …not mine though

Of course if you do buy into , or have certain beliefs , then its probably a good idea that you live within the framework of those beliefs , otherwise you probably will suffer the consequences , becasue that’s what you believe and universe as we always say is simply a mirror , it can only reflect back , that which you believe, you can only perceive or manifest that which you are the vibration of .

However , if your belief system is based on the idea that you are infinite consciousness, that you create your own reality , that universe must support said beliefs , then a more Holistic approach of Health Care is at your disposal and does not require any intermediary when comes to maintaining a healthy body , not talking trauma medicine here obviously .

We are talking about taking responsibility and having integrity and love for your physical vessel  , sure you can abuse your body and have a wonderful life, might not be as s long as it might have been had you eaten right , not smoked , or had the career in boxing,   but who really cares, it’s  your life , on the other hand if you just use a little common sense , have some balance , you can “do everything as long as you don’t over do anything and enjoy your life with no taboos, no bad habits and you will be around as long as you need to be to do what you need to do.

As far as waking up one day at 85 years old and having to take 10 different forms of medication to supposedly ” Stay Alive” , un uh , not gonna happen , not for me , I don’ t believe in it , I do not “buy into it ” , and if it was my only option I would prefer to move on , I do not live in that fear based construct , I will “never ”  succumb to a Health Scare System.

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