Apocalypse How: Stress Relief

Are you stressed out !  I hope not , however  billions of humans on this planet right now are in stress mode, so it’s no shock if you are part of the club.

We are given so  many things to “worry ” about , here in this drama , play , this virtual reality game we call life !

So many believe this is it , all there is , they have their houses , their cars, their bank accounts, their careers ,big frowns on their foreheads  , and families to take care of , and many “believe”  everything is in jeopardy … of being … lost , and many have lost quite a bit already , it is happening !

This is the mind set , the ” state of being ”  for many on earth and it is perpetuated every single moment of each day by all the fear based programs , the latest big one , (besides money issues which everyone has to deal with lately , because of the collapse of the economic systems ) ,   is the health care issue , people are loosing their health care , or will end up paying more for their health care , or will be fined if they don’t get health care … jeeze , more problem, reaction solution ad nausea from the powerless that be , and for those that buy into the control mechanisms… unfortunately !

This planet can’t seem to make it through a single day without chaos and conflict running a muck throughout all aspects of society.

And just as the health care and alphabet agency spying debacles were  settling in , the headlines are now talking about Iran again, and how they will have a bomb soon and “we” need to do something before it’s to late, blah , blah , blah !

So it’s no wonder the stress level is rising , and that creates challenges in relationships , creating more stress , leaving people in a very vulnerable state , in constant fight or flight mode , and the adrenaline just keeps flowing , and of course there is no where to run and no where to hide , and  the body has no way to work off that burst in adrenaline production like it normally would if it was running from a predator .

So it just builds up inside and creates all sorts of physical and emotional effects which lead to stressing out , not being able to sleep , not eating, loss of motivation , depression , and if it’s not dealt with , can lead to simply giving up, punching out , which is on the rise these days  and its no wonder , people feel helpless .

Of course the body has no way to distinguish the false Fear of the future form the fear of a predator , and so the manipulation continues.

I’m not going to go all conspiratorial here and say it’s all part of the master plan to keep people distracted and dis empowered so they miss the boat on their awakening process and just end up lost in the wilderness of materialism , OK … I guess that is what I’m saying , I’m such a conspiracy theorist !

However at the same time , there is a purpose here, a reason for what is happening , it all goes back to the idea that everything is a reflection , the chaos , the fear , the hopelessness , that we are feeling collectively and individually is a manifestation of our expansion process , there is no place for these fear based , fear causing constructs, ideas,  paradigms any longer , it’s like oil an water, they don’t mix, so we are getting it all up and out , and making the choice of what we want and what we do not want in our lives , our reality spheres.

So to get some relief  we need to change our beliefs !  We need to quit believing that anything has power over us , except that which we clothe it with , below are some ways in which to mitigate and get some relief  from stress.

So here are five things you can do , (yes I’m stuck on five these days , the number of humanity ) to help mitigate the effects of Planet Stress !

1. When you have a stressful day , when you feel the adrenaline kicking in and building up , exercise  is one way to blow it out, walk , run, hike, yoga, anything that works for you and gets you moving …boxing would be excellent , a nice punching bag would be a great investment !

2. Once you have let it all go and exhausted all the built up energies, now its time to relax, do some meditation , what ever that means for you , could be just walking in the park or woods , or simply sitting somewhere quiet and peaceful so you can here yourself think .

.3  Now from this more relaxed state of being , watch what your thinking about , watch your inner conversation , what are you telling yourself, are you trying to figure out what your gonna do , this is usually where it all starts , worrying about the future , so let that flow , listen to the little monkey mind go on and on and “know”  what he is saying is not the way it has to be, and know that physical mind is not equipped for the job , so whatever he is saying is probably BS !

.4 Then… Let higher self , higher mind take over , she will tell monkey mind to tone it down , and that we know monkey mind has issues , but we still love him/her , but we need him to go play outside , and let the grown ups talk , because whatever he’s selling we don’t want , becasue we know it’s all lies anyway , fear is just a form of lies.

.5  Then surrender it all , all of your need to control , your ” beliefs ” that you have to be in control or it will all collapse around you , well you know what … good ,  let it collapse , let it all go , what’s the worst that could happen , you could lose everything , you could… “Die” , big deal , oh well , life goes on … forever , play again next round !

Higher self will always  guide you back into the present moment ,  out of the future ,away from the past , because in the present , there is no place for fear , anxiety , stress, becasue we always have what we need when we need it, otherwise we wouldn’t even exist !

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