Russellian Science : The Heart Science

Russellian Science is at ” The Heart ” of a new cosmology , a new way of looking at the nature of reality, and no one is more passionate about the work of Walter and Lao Russell than Matt Presti and Robert Otey.

Of course it’s not really new, Walter Russell’s work has been around for a long time , however for many of us it is new information , so thank you Matt and Robert for bringing it to our “Attention “.

Matt and Robert are taking the work of Walter Russell and bringing it to light so to speak , they are helping to spread the message of this heart based science to those of us who were not familiar with it , their efforts are greatly appreciated.

Every time I watch a video presentation from Matt and Robert , I get a little more insight into the way the universe works , Russellian Science offers us a perspective very different from that of main stream science that’s for sure .

For one thing , Russellian Science acknowledges that there is no separating the creator from the creation , which is pivotal if we are to move beyond the limited ideas of evolution and creationism.

Matt makes up the word ” Creavolution ” to combat this limitation , what I believe Matt is implying here, is that in a sense both are true , what I would call Intelligently Designed Evolution , in other words it’s inclusion not exclusion , yes there is evolution going on within consciousness , however consciousness did not arise from the evolution of matter , we are not the progeny of pond scum as our mainstream science would have us believe.

Consciousness is the only true substance in the universe , all matter is the byproduct of the mind of god , matter is the stuff consciousness dreams up .

The other main theme of Russellian Science is that anything in motion is an illusion , and that the absolute stillness is where everything comes from , the still magnetic light , as they call it . In a sense motion is created by dividing up the stillness , which corresponds with the idea that we create motion by traveling through the Still Frames , like those in a roll of film , each frame of the film is a static parallel reality ,or in this case , a division of the stillness , as we move through, or shift from parallel reality to parallel reality or from one static frame to the next static frame , we get the appearance of motion , the illusion of motion .

Another excellent metaphor Matt uses to illustrate the ideas behind this heart science is the idea of the fulcrum. The fulcrum or the balance point is the source of all that is , the prime condition , this would be the stillness, the white magnetic light . Using the seesaw as the visual here, the two ends represent polarity , duality , right and wrong , hot and cold , male and female , republican , democrat , and if you are caught up in polarity consciousness , you are essentially lost , one could say you are cut off from the real power source.

Matt also digs into Freemasonry and Religion in his presentation below , he does a great job at articulating what these constructs are all about and how they act as another diversion , as another way to segregate and divide humanity , and consciousness as well.

Matt also talks about the blending of the Male and Female energy as an important part of this awakening process , much of the chaos and conflict on this planet is because the male energy has been dominant for quite some time , and as we move forward , only through the blending of these two energies will we be able grow and expand without destroying ourselves and the planet.

Both Robert Otey and Matt also make the point that the solutions must come from us , humanity , human consciousness, there are no saviors coming to rescue us ,and even if there were , we should not allow them to do so , we need to stand on our own individually and collectively , we need to grow up and take responsibility , and this of course is a very resonate point  here at Apocalypse How , we are all about Conscious Co Creation of the reality we prefer by acknowledging that our beliefs and definitions shape our individual and collective realities.

I will let Matt Presti take it from here , below is an excellent,  short , concise presentation he did at this years Annual Russellian Science and Philosophy Conference at Swannanoa , the former home of Walter and Lao Russell and below that is a great Video from Robert Otey on discernment .

Check out the books below by Walter Russell !

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