Apocalypse How: PTB Powerless That Be

I want to take this time to redefine one of the more popular acronyms that gets used so much in todays main stream media , alternative media , movies , television , the news, conversations around the dinner table etc.

It is an acronym that by it’s very nature seems to empower those that have no real power at all , anyone who seeks power over others , has none , this is the very reason they must vampire, take power from , dis empower others , it’s to feed themselves , of course they are simply acting out of fear.

If you feel the need to be in control over other people , then you will make a poor leader, true leadership is never about control , it’s about empowerment, a true leader brings out the best in people by simply ” being ” , they create a template that others can  choose to follow , becasue doing so inspires and empowers them.

What the media  mistakenly calls “World Leaders” are at best simply bureaucrats and at worst , tyrants or bought and paid for puppets, who gladly will take any position that brings them fame , notoriety , or power over others.

That’s why it’s time to ” Redefine ” and make this acronym accurate , PTB  will no longer stand for the Powers That Be, it will stand for the ” Powerless That Be , this is a more accurate description for these types of individuals, lets quit feeding their egos , lets quit feeding the tape worm with source energy.

Those who feed on the energy of others are  psychic tape worms , or vampires , they do so becasue they are dead inside, they have completely lost , or more accurately they have forgotten their connection to source ,  this pretty much explains the behavior of many on this planet , most fill the void with all the material distractions that are available , and are not intentionally trying to do harm , however there are others who cannot be satiated with mere toys , they are  so empty they need actual source energy from others.

These are the types of people who need attention and admiration from others on a mass scale , to feel whole , and in most cases these are the types of personalities that fill the various halls of  governments around the world , what we have been calling the PTB.  Of course the PTB  syndrome extends to those at the head of corporations and various organizations as well who make decisions effecting the lives of everyone on the planet.

However we must go deeper, expand our perspective , until everything is within us , until the entire universe , creation is within us in other words , these others, the Powerless That Be, these personalities are all part of each of us, they are all aspects of ourselves and the only way to heal them , to fill their void and ours is with unconditional love, honesty and forgiveness.

So in that vane, in honesty and unconditional love, we must quit putting them on the pedestal , quit pretending they have the power, quit giving them the power , and simply see them for who they are , and instead we become leaders instead of followers of these people , quit voting for them , quit idolizing them , and become the change we want to see in the world around us.

The Powerless That Be are simply by products of the poor quality of consciousness that makes up much of the collective , they will survive and thrive as long as we keep quit feeding them.

From this point forward we can see the so called PTB, for what they are , they are of course a valid expression of all that is, however , we can make a choice to no longer buy into the old definitions and beliefs about them , we can redefine and in doing so , we can simply eclipse them all together.

They will no longer matter , and if they choose to rise, if they choose to rekindle their relationship with all that is , they can join us in creating a new consensus reality , a reality where having power over others is no longer idolized , it will simply be seen as immaturity , lack of awareness , Powerlessness !

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And to have a little fun with this idea, check out the vid for a good laugh !

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