The Aware Observer: Political Puppets

I don’t believe in Santa Claus , the Easter Bunny or Politics. To me they are all the same , although at least the Easter Bunny is cute, and Santa Claus makes for good bedtime Stories, can’t really say that about politics.

The recent debacle regarding Rand Paul , Ron Paul’s prodigal son is not surprising in the least bit , nor the fact that Ron Paul himself has been completely brushed aside in the 2012 election cycle.

I know many were counting on the PaulsĀ  and hoping they would come in and change the world , but as I have awakened over the last 4 years, and watched it all unfold , one thing is clear when it comes to Politics, its always the same tired old show.

It’s a puppet show , the Politicians of course have no real power, they are completely and utterly under the control of the hidden hand, behind the curtain.

The puppet is fed fiat currency which is created out of thin air , and in exchange they provide their services much like a prostitute , although most of them are not nearly as attractive, for the most part Washington DC is Hollywood for the esthetically challenged.

People still talk about politicians as if they have real power , like it makes a difference who the president is ,they say he is the most powerful man in the world, really, wow , then why does he need so much protection.

Like most of the systems on this planet , the Economic system , the Political system , The Medical system, The Education system, they are all crumbling under the weight of their corruption their lack of integrity, and I look forward to their demise , so that something new can be born.

As we become more awake as individuals we quit giving our power, our vital source energy into these constructs, and this is a positive thing, this isn’t anti social , or anti government behavior, this is simply a sane person making a sane choice.

Lets quit giving our power away to anything or any one, we are sovereign beings , “Nothing” has dominion over us , and we exists in absolute , and infinite abundance, so lets stand together in solidarity , and quit voting, quit encouraging them.

To some this may sound like anarchy , scary , chaos , but what would happen if we just quit voting , would the world end if we did not have professional politicians on planet earth, ..LOL… of course not !

Of course this is all a discussion about what is happening out there , we must go deeper , always deeper , and ask what belief systems are in place that require humanity to need to leader, a “Big Daddy , someone in charge.

Until that is dealt with individually and within the collective , until that shadow work is done and resolved , there will always be the “Puppet Party” …oops I mean the Political Party.

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