As we unravel the mysteries of life , we find more mysteries . As we awaken from our dream , we realize that we are still in a dream. As we look towards the stars we find more stars , as we explore the microcosm we we keep finding smaller things.

There is no End to the Within of “things”…things are the things consciousness dreams into existence , we are existence ,we exist, everything is within us.

So why not live your life like a dream ! Even as a child we are told to row , row , row your boat , life is but a dream. I find it ironic that we are taught these simple lessons as children only for them to be wiped away as we are forced to deal with the responsibilities of adult hood where we could really use them in creating a more authentic , joyous life for ourselves.

There are many esoteric teachings on this planet that incorporate the idea that physicality is simply another type of dream , albeit a persistent one as Einstein once said .

Once you begin to get accustomed to the idea that all outer circumstances, all realities , physical or otherwise , are simply constructs, frameworks ,  backdrops for  infinite consciousness to have experiences within, you will begin to free yourself  from the constraints of these various systems , what we might call the “Laws of Nature” , the ” Consensus Reality ”  or the agreed upon “Root Assumptions” of the collective.
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