Well here it is October 29th 2011 , the day after. The day after the end of the Mayan calendar. No fanfare, just quietly the day passes. Well to be honest I don’t feel any different than I did yesterday.

Although compared to 3 years ago , when I was suddenly awakened in 2008, there is no comparison. My awareness has been so completely expanded, there has definitely been an unprecedented explosion in consciousness.

Perhaps now we can go “Free Style” , we are no longer in a cyclical movement. The process of integrating all the experiences of the last 16 billion years is coming to a head.

Now maybe each of us can make a choice as to what version of reality we want to experience, no longer obligated to participate in a collective reality where there are so many different polarities.

If each of us are effectively  a universe , perhaps now we can take the lessons we leaned here as a collective , and create realities  that resonate vibrationally with our own personal highest joy.

Perhaps  we will no longer have to experience  the collective drama any longer, we don’t have to be in a universe with war , destruction, greed, hatred,  we have all been these things already, its time to move on, at least for me, that’s what I want.

I’m ready for some peace and harmony , I’ m done with theses intense polarities , been there done that , I’m ready to move on.

What that means exactly , I don’t know, I surrender to not knowing what is goign to happen, all I can do is be love , be compassion , be understanding, be empathy , be forgiveness.

If I become these things no matter what the outer circumstances  are , then I will at least be ready , I will at least be in resonance with the type of reality that I prefer , that I want to be part of , that I want to create.

It always starts from within , there is no out there.

We are growing closer now to the infamous date of 11-11-11 where things are really gonna start getting crazy , so they say, whoever “they” is.

If “they” is anyone with a you tube account and some creativity and imagination then you know who I’m talking about, us really , the collective, we’re just full of ideas on what might happen in the future.

There seems to be no end to the potential mayhem and madness brewing in the cyber world. How ever in the actual world , while there does seem to be a lot of “things” happening , change is coming very slowly , at least the kind of change we would like to see right now.

We have to laugh at ourselves right , I mean come on,  there was Comet Elenin , now we  have the end of the Mayan Calendar this Friday October 28th , then there is this new rumor now that Hoover Dam may be about to collapse.

Oh and lets not forget about  the asteroid that’s coming , on 11-9-11 and the test of the emergency broadcast system, plus the Pacific tsunami  exercise,   its like they are bunching up the potential catastrophes much closer together now , it crazy.

Its like a Mayhem Menu that we can choose from , pick your disaster , A la carte.  It’s the newest fad , disaster desert.

While the Internet has brought us the ability to communicate at light speed , it has also created another layer of consciousness, a digital collective if you will that has the potential to teach and to distract, perhaps even direct consciousness .

There are many out there who are addicted to what we now call Fear Porn , or Pessimism Porn . And while it serves some purpose I suppose ,as it allows us to see all probabilities good and bad ,  it’s not reality.

Everyday most of us get up,  go to work , try our best to survive,  and find some time to enjoy our lives , and those of us that are awake, try to do so with love , compassion and humility,  because we know we are absolutely powerless to change anything except ourselves, which is the lesson , right.

So why do we find it so entertaining to entertain the possibilities of impending doom, what has us so fascinated by this new form of distraction.

I think its becasue we all know that something has to give , and most of that are awake are weary of the waiting , we can see where we need to be , where we want to be , but the waiting is driving us crazy.

So we turn to the internet for a distraction from our daily lives , where anything is possible , like actual positive change, in a world so saturated in fear based paradigms.

I feel the most important thing we can do, is not get caught up in the mass drama, wherever we find it , whether its on the TV, the internet , or out on the street.

Now is the time to tune inward, and listen to your heart , and nature .  Realize that you are infinite consciousness, experiencing a type of  finite reality.

There is nothing to be , nothing to become , no where to go , nothing to accomplish , we simply are, and always will be, we are universe people , each of us.

The lesson of the Human “Race” is over , and we all won.  So what is 11-11-11 , its Friday that’s all.

And slowly,  step by step , little by little we will make our shift , and we will wonder what all the fuss was about, and we will smile a big smile , becasue it was all just a game , no matter what happens.

Even if they do blow up the hoover dam, it is possible , everything is possible and all things are allowed expression, the question is which universe do you want to be part of , which “version ” of reality do you most resonate with , Fear or Love .


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