Well here it is October 29th 2011 , the day after. The day after the end of the Mayan calendar. No fanfare, just quietly the day passes. Well to be honest I don’t feel any different than I did yesterday.

Although compared to 3 years ago , when I was suddenly awakened in 2008, there is no comparison. My awareness has been so completely expanded, there has definitely been an unprecedented explosion in consciousness.

Perhaps now we can go “Free Style” , we are no longer in a cyclical movement. The process of integrating all the experiences of the last 16 billion years is coming to a head.

Now maybe each of us can make a choice as to what version of reality we want to experience, no longer obligated to participate in a collective reality where there are so many different polarities.

If each of us are effectively  a universe , perhaps now we can take the lessons we leaned here as a collective , and create realities  that resonate vibrationally with our own personal highest joy.

Perhaps  we will no longer have to experience  the collective drama any longer, we don’t have to be in a universe with war , destruction, greed, hatred,  we have all been these things already, its time to move on, at least for me, that’s what I want.

I’m ready for some peace and harmony , I’ m done with theses intense polarities , been there done that , I’m ready to move on.

What that means exactly , I don’t know, I surrender to not knowing what is goign to happen, all I can do is be love , be compassion , be understanding, be empathy , be forgiveness.

If I become these things no matter what the outer circumstances  are , then I will at least be ready , I will at least be in resonance with the type of reality that I prefer , that I want to be part of , that I want to create.

It always starts from within , there is no out there.


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