Well 2013 is certainly setting the stage for a new level of  Hypocrisy from the  “leaders” of the so called free world.

All around the planet, armies from the west are killing people with guns, tanks , drones, missiles,starvation,   and god knows what else , no don’t look ever there  , lets worry about the gun sitting in a closet , gun rack or drawer , that will likely never be used.

Lets not focus on the millions of human beings killed in the name of spreading democracy, nope, don’t look over there.

Look over here , look over here !
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With all the shootings going on recently in the United State this year , the conspiracy mills have been shouting that the shootings are all staged so that the Powers That Be can use it as an excuse to disarm the American People.

So lets take a look at this from the perspective of the aware observer, the aware observer simply looks at the data , without any filtering , it simply  “is what it is”.

So the first question is , were the shootings staged ,  were the perpetrators , coerced, manipulated , aided by alphabet agencies as suggested by the alternative news agencies .

There does appear to be some red flags around the recent shootings which would lead one to believe that yes , things may not be what they seem.

However if the purpose of these staged events is to put pressure on the second amendment , all I have to say is the plan is a complete failure, like many of the plots to enslave humanity out there , eugenics for example , let see now , over 6 billion people on the planet, hmm…, not saying they aren’t trying , just saying that they are failing.

Ok conspiracy lovers, just looking at the facts here, keep reading, not debunking conspiracies, lets just get them right, yes there are conspiracies, however sometimes the conspiracy may be a case of reverse psychology, and here’s what I mean.
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