Apocalypse How: Gun Control Hypocrisy

Well 2013 is certainly setting the stage for a new level of  Hypocrisy from the  “leaders” of the so called free world.

All around the planet, armies from the west are killing people with guns, tanks , drones, missiles,starvation,   and god knows what else , no don’t look ever there  , lets worry about the gun sitting in a closet , gun rack or drawer , that will likely never be used.

Lets not focus on the millions of human beings killed in the name of spreading democracy, nope, don’t look over there.

Look over here , look over here !

Yes there is high tech weaponry out there that has no purpose other than killing fellow humans , its a crazy planet , so either we all have guns or no one has guns , it’s only fair, other wise it creates an unfair advantage down here in the jungle , and the United States is the last place where the balance still exists to some degree.

Gun control is just another diversion , another fake issue to get the masses focused on while the looting continues.

Perhaps universe will make good use of it , and it will help to further awaken the sleeping masses , perhaps not.

As the battle heats up between the democrats and the republicans, the conservatives and the liberals, the red and the blue teams, as the polarity increases , the fear increases, the anger increases, we can see how the divide and conquer stratagem works like a charm every time on those that are lost in the matrix.

The real issue of course is “not” about gun control , it’s simply about “control” and the manipulation of consciousness itself , and so the beat goes on.

Unfortunately we still live in a world where the rule of law is enforced by a gun to the head , you either comply , or at some point , someone with a gun, will come knocking at your door, it is what it is.

I hope one day we evolve to a point where we no longer need guns , but that’s not going to happen tomorrow. We can however see it for what it is and by doing so we will not be contributing to the problem, we will not be giving it energy , we will not support the false paradigm of  gun control.

This is what the Apocalypse is all about , seeing through the veils of illusion ,  so that we as individuals can make a conscious choice in what we want to support , what we want to give our co creative energy to.

And by doing so,  we create  the  collective realities that are more in alignment with our core resonance , all change comes from within each of us  , there is no out there , universe is the great mirror of self.

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