Well it’s been pretty quiet here on planet earth for a while , as the Sun it seem has been taking a nap over the last few weeks with no notable events to speak of.

I don’t know about you but I could use another dose of high energy , data packets for another round of upgrades to consciousness.

Once you start taking the time to listen and feel the Sun’s moods and really start to appreciate the incredible nature of this being , you will look forward to the solar flares and energies coming from father sun.

Of course main stream science and many alternative researchers , are trying to scare us into believing that the sun is this evil thing that will some day destroy our civilization.

But here it is Spring  of 2012 and we are all still here and our electrical grid is still working, people are still going to Wal Mart and watching Dancing With the Stars.

I am very curious what will happen after 2012 passes and we are still here, what these proponents of  destruction will be talking about next, 2013 , 2015 .

Its likely they will fade into oblivion like the many before them who have always tried to profit and market death and destruction.

Sunspot 1476 looks like a fairly complex region , with one large dark area surrounded by smaller regions, this usually indicates that there will be some activity and there have already been three M-class flare from this region.

At this time they are not earth directed , but as it transits into view , we can hope for a nice burst of energy to come our way.

I will be ready and waiting to here what Father Sun has to say , of course I just use the term father for fun , the sun has no gender, it is a being , a type of consciousness that is beyond these concepts.

So take the time in the next couple of weeks to keep an eye on Sunspot 1476 , and if there are any significant  energy releases , watch, observe, and listen to the effects on mother earth and all of her inhabitants, especially yourself.

And remember this one important concept, the energy that comes from the sun is neither negative or positive , it is simply energy, and during these flares and increased solar activity there is simply more of it , to do what ever you want with it.

So use it to your advantage , let it update your consciousness , let it permeate your being , let it burn the chaff away , this is the purpose of these updates, these energies, yes it is in a sense a type of destruction , it’s creative destruction.

But it’s never “The End” , there of course is no “End” , that just plain silliness, mind games played on those who are still a sleep.

So enjoy what father sun has to bring to us in a spirit of Joy , and appreciation, and remember without him, we wouldn’t be having this conversation , at all !

The recent group of sun spots that made their pass in the first week of August 2011 were quite impressive and left their mark on the planet.

Now many of us are starting to see the correlation between solar activity and human activity , it’s not a difficult connection to make.

But it’s not something that is taught in school or talked about in modern academia. No this subject is left to the fringe thinkers, those of us who have no paradigm to protect , no tenure to lose , we can simply look a the data and make comparisons.

And the data shows significant correlations between solar activity and events on earth , both geological and that of humans themselves.

The most recent activity was sun spots 1260,1261 and 1263, with 1261 being the most active of the 3 producing a M9.3 class flare. During this event 3 significant Coronal Mass Ejections were hurled at planet earth , the First arriving on August 4th 2011.

Here are the events that took place as this intense energy reached the planet , you can call it coincidence or simply cause and effect, which ever works for you , but the purpose of this portion of Apocalypse How is to document these events so that we start to see the direct impact the sun has on the evolution of human consciousness.
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