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Old Sunspot 1944 is rolling around the limb and has been renamed sunspot 1967 , and it looks like it has plenty of size and magnetic complexity left , so we might get another show !

Yeah I know who cares right , but some of us get excited about sunspots , because we know that the Sun is king our neighborhood.

So we keep an eye on ole Father Sun becasue what ever happens to him happens to us , one way or another we are effected… I mean why do you think people used to worship the Sun.

I had high hopes on 1944¬† the first time around , but nothing much happened , but now there is a hint of change in the air, with financial markets teetering , bankers committing suicide , and banks clamping down on cash withdrawals , there is a sense that just a little push and we might see… well something happen.
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After months of barely any activity from Father Sun , sunspot 1944 rolled around the limb a couple days ago and gave all of us Sun lovers a bit of excitement as one of the largest sun spots in decades introduced itself to us.

Not only is sunspot 1944 big in size it is also magnetically complex, which means it has the potential for some nice solar flare activity and Coronal Mass Ejections of data …er I mean energy , of course around here at Apocalypse How I see the energy as data , for consciousness to use in its evolutionary cycle.

So far sunspot 1944 is off to a nice start with a few M class flares and a decent X Class Flare yesterday on January 7th 2014 , this event did produce a Coronal Mass Ejection and becasue of it’s nearly perfect earth facing position , earth will get a nice hit on January 9th or so depending on the speed of the incoming energy.

So here we have another wonderful opportunity to utilize this incoming gift from Father sun as a catalyst , a propellant if you will to ramp up our vibration , our individual and collective energy fields , let this energy permeate  your very being and lift your spirits and energize you !
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