Apocalypse Sun : Sunspot 1967

44 67


Old Sunspot 1944 is rolling around the limb and has been renamed sunspot 1967 , and it looks like it has plenty of size and magnetic complexity left , so we might get another show !

Yeah I know who cares right , but some of us get excited about sunspots , because we know that the Sun is king our neighborhood.

So we keep an eye on ole Father Sun becasue what ever happens to him happens to us , one way or another we are effected… I mean why do you think people used to worship the Sun.

I had high hopes on 1944  the first time around , but nothing much happened , but now there is a hint of change in the air, with financial markets teetering , bankers committing suicide , and banks clamping down on cash withdrawals , there is a sense that just a little push and we might see… well something happen.

Anything at this point would be good, I mean are we just going to keep driving cars with internal combustion engines, are we going to keep fracking to suck the last bit of fossil fuels out of the planet.

Are we going to keep endless wars going so that we can keep the infinite growth economy chugging along. Something has got to give !

So hopefully with a new number , sunspot 1967 well get  us moving , we need a massive dose of reality on this planet that’s for sure and a nice powerful X flare producing a coronal mass ejection would be just the ticket to wake up some more of the sleeping masses.

I’m not hoping for doom here, we just need a catalyst for a change in consciousness on a global scale, something to push us over the edge , it’s time to make the shift !


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