Apocalypse Sun: AR1429 X5.4 Solar Flare

Well it looks like my earlier observations were dead on , this sunspot AR1429 just unleashed another X class flare , this one even more intense then the one yesterday coming in at X5.4 .

This time however sunspot group AR1429 has rotated and is even more earth directed than yesterday so we are bound to get some kind of energetic effect, at least us humans will notice, even if electronics are not all that effected.

And there does seem to be a heightened energy right now , not sure if  you guys have  been feeling it , but I sure have, on an inner level things were a bit intense today .

It took all my Jedi skills  just to keep focused and not go off the rails, I had to take my own advice and try and remember circumstances don’t matter only state of being matters.

It felt like there was quite a bit of energy just piling up ready for release , which is fine , however I felt it better to just do nothing than go off on a tangent .

What we have to understand is this energy emanating from the sun will enhance , and energize what ever your feeling, it’s not inherently good or bad , you can do with it what you want , so take a deep breath, breath in , breath out, we are infinite consciousness.

Well father sun you have  had quite a week so far , it will be interesting to see what happens next, keep this up and I wont even need to use the microwave to make my popcorn. Another push along the evolutionary trail perhaps !

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