Apocalypse Sun: AR1429 X1 Class Solar Flare

Well father sun has been quiet for a few weeks now , not too much has been going on, at least on the earth facing side of things.

Then today we have an X1 class solar flare from the big sunspot AR1429 that is slowly turning towards us for the next couple weeks.

I like this sunspot for more activity in the next few days. Not because I have any real technical knowledge about the sun per say , but I have become sort of an arm chair solar watcher.

Lets face it the sun is the deal , the big dog , here in our little corner of the galaxy.

One thing I have noticed in my observations is that the big , well defined sunspots are usually not that active , it seems the ones that are broken up into smaller spots, that form groups , these are the ones that seem to harbor more activity, like our new friend AR1429, again just saying, as an aware observer.

But here is the real interesting thing, as I expand my awareness, I am becoming more cognizant of the cyclical nature of things , and I find it very interesting that , here we are , the second week in March 2012 and we have an active sunspot already producing X class flares, and it will be turning its sights on us over the next few days.

Which is exactly what happened in 2011 , we had sunspot 1166 let loose with a X1.5 that hit the planet on 3/11/11, which coincided with the 9.0 Japan earth quake , which literately shifted the earth on its axis a few degrees, baby steps, baby steps.

OK,  so random chance , sure why not, although I’m not a big believer in random, but you have to admit it’s interesting, not making any predictions here , just the aware observer , observing that’s all.

So if we are just speculating here , perhaps we are in for another little push , another little shove perhaps, to tilt the earth a few more degrees as we complete the shift in 2012 , its all very poetic, until a tsunami smacks you in the head.

But hey that’s life on a little ball soaring through the cosmos, didn’t you read the brochure , they never said it was all that safe, I mean come on , lets live a little or die, not much difference really from the perspective of infinite consciousness, which is what we are.

So no worries just grab some pop corn and enjoy the movie. I’m ready for another dose of  high energy particles , its bound to enhance our vibration, and we could use some of that down here, mix things up a bit, let it rip , and those of us who choose to , will turn it into unstoppable , light and love.  Bring it on Father sun , we are ready, No Matter what the Circumstances.

Remember everything that exists in physicality comes from stars, they are creation itself.  Which is why I have always loved what we call white noise, or gentle rain sounds, know what I mean ? Listen as our Big Friend AR1429 starts to wake up , it could put me to sleep.

Now Check out AR1429 in action with a little music background show off this nice X1.1 solar flare, now this is entertainment people, I love the sun !

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