The Archons Part 1

Now that we have brought up the subject of the Gnostics or more accurately the Telesti , we can now go into the very esoteric subject of the Archons.

The Archons is another term you will be hearing more of us you travel deeper down the rabbit hole into the mysteries of this reality we find ourselves in.

The Telesti tell us the Archons are not aliens, they are not physical beings from a another star system in our galaxy , but in fact originate from our solar system since its very beginning billions of years ago,they were here before the earth even formed and have been here with us from the very beginning of our development.

Perhaps they even took a hand in our development , making genetic alterations, or perhaps they have been trying to hack the human genome for their own purpose, and if that fails then at least get us to act like them and become their foot soldiers, the concept of transhumanism is perhaps a by product of this at work.

The Archons may be at the top of the pyramidal hierarchies, or control structures in our solar system, manipulating the bloodlines, the hybrid humans  here on earth ,using them as conduits so that they can manifest their desires in our 3d organic reality.

Making them instrumental in  the creation of our Banking systems, Sciences, Religions and all the other aspects  of our so called society , that all of us were born into.

The Telesti also say that the Archons are not physical beings that exists in our dimension, in a sense they exist at a different vibrational frequency that we don’t normally translate or decode, hence the reason we don’t see them, they have even been described as mind parasites , which leads us to concepts like Wetiko that Paul Levy talks about .

So this is a different twist on the whole Extraterrestrial , Alien scenario,  and it really is quite a fascinating idea to play around with when viewed with an open heart , multi dimensional perspective .

Always remember  that ultimately from the greatest of perspectives, all things are really just constructs, ideas that infinite consciousness plays around with for various types of experiences.

The reason I always stress this idea, is so that all subject matter can be approached with as little filtering as possible , so whatever tangent your exploration takes you on , you know its just another aspect of all that is , another expression of  this universe.

This is very important when you get into concepts  like the Archons , who,  in a sense , are like vampires. The idea is that they  manipulate humanity to get a type of response , like fear or other strong emotions , and they feed on that emotion , they feed on that energy , this is their sustenance, their grazing grounds, from that persepctive humans are being farmed if you will.

At first glance this sounds scary , even repulsive,  to think that there could be sentient beings that creep around in our inner psyche or just outside of our perception, that they can control or more accurately manipulate an entire planet’s evolutionary path, that we are nothing more than cattle.

So just remember once your aware of something , once you shine the blinding light of  awareness on something , its over, just like  the vampire that does not like the sunlight, it is destroyed when it is drug out into the light of day.

The Gnostics then go on to tell us that the Archons are essentially the henchmen for the Demiurge , the creators of physical reality , the artisans if you will of this spiritual prison, we call physicality.

Or,  another less polarized way to describe them,  is ,  that they play the role , they provide the experience of  negativity , evil , darkness, so that we, us , the singularity can have that experience, so lets not allow our exploration into the way the universe is structured to induce fear, it simply is what is, and it is very fascinating to look at.

In part 2 of  the Archons we will go even deeper into this idea, this construct  this other aspect of creation if you will. Of course  there are many other researchers and scholars who are looking at this information and making their own determinations, viewing it through their own filters , beliefs and definitions .

And of course this creates a wide variety of divergent perspectives, some could be called positive some negative and that’s OK, its all good, and that is the nature of the Apocalypse.

In the mean time I would like to share one of those voices with you , John Lash , John  has spent many years researching the Archons and the Gnostic teachings,

In the interview below on Red Ice radio , John makes some very fascinating observations about the Archons from the persepctive of the Gnostic or Telesti.

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