Apocalypse How: Lean Into The Wind


Everyday we are faced with making decisions about our lives, we are challenged in our interactions with others with whom we have relations and there are moments through out the day when we  may “Feel”  pressure, when we may feel emotion , and sometimes it’s uncomfortable.

Especially when we feel our buttons  being  pushed , yes we all have buttons , it’s part of  “Being Human ” , you know ,  when we feel insecure, when we feel cut off from source , when we worry that universe won’t support us , when we tire of “The Game” .

Of course if we explore these emotions in a positive way , we can get a positive experience out of them,  in the form of growth and expansion, and we can  learn to use our emotions , use our feelings as sensors to detect the old negative programming , and we  can “choose” to override the old impulses  to back off, to contract  , the more you do the easier it gets, and it becomes a positive “self ” perpetuating feed back loop, and you will begin to notice the contraction periods getting shorter and shorter … and shorter .

Most of the times these old programs  have been running so long we are barely conscious of them , we are in a sense like a program from that persepctive, a program operating within consciousness,  and our emotions and our feelings are like sensors that go off when we are confronted with the old programs that are no longer in resonance with our core beliefs about ourselves and the universe.

So instead of backing off or shying away from the cliff  , use these as opportunities to really ” Lean Into it the Wind ”  and you will find  the universe “will ” support you , and you “wont’ fall down , and even if you do , just get up and try again , until you get the hang of it !

When we lean in into the wind , into adversity ,  instead of backing away , we grow , we choose to be something different , we choose expansion , we choose abundance , we choose joy instead of fear and we make it through  another day ,  and we build on that vibration and we are stronger , more joyful , more abundant , more connected to source , more connected to our true nature.

The wind in this metaphor is essentially our fears , our blockage points,  they are areas in our personalities that have held us back from being more of who and what we are , they are vestiges from child hood , growing up , experiences where you felt inadequate , inferior in some way , they are ” societal programs” , and we carry them through out our life like baggage , and it slows us down , creates a dampening effect  of our energy vortex , our energy field .

So when that feeling hits you , when you get those butterflies in your stomach , when you feel  anxiety about a situation and you feel yourself falling into the old pattern , the old vibration of lack , of fear , the old vibration that makes you feel like the world is on your shoulders , and you want to just give up and go back to what is safe , what is known.

This is when you want to “Lean into the Wind ” !  Don’t fall back , don’t shy away , just trust in universe and lean in , and let all the fears rush by you like the wind. What have we go to loose , we are only here in short bursts on this planet , and we don’t come here to play it safe, no way , physicality is a masters course.

So close you eyes and just lean into the wind !

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