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People used to think the earth was flat , not because they were stupid, they were simply ignorant of the larger picture, they had a limited perspective of reality , the more we expand our awareness , the more of  the universe we see.

Right now we are still operating within the 3d 5 sense reality matrix , from a purely physical persepctive , it’s like a television , there are hundreds of channels to choose from , but you can only watch one at a time, you can only tune into one frequency channel at a time, this is similar to the limitation of our persepctive as humans currently on this planet.

Perhaps this is why our scientists seem to have blinders on , main stream academia seems to have a very limited ability to expand beyond what is considered  known , and the Idea of the Electric Sun is one prime example.

For some reason , even when the evidence is staring them in the face, they will not waver from the fusion model of the Sun , just like they refuse to acknowledge that their model of comets is wrong , even though they themselves have collected evidence that shows comets are not dirty icy snowballs, they are in fact more like asteroids , with hard cratered surfaces, their own imagery from their own spacecraft clearly shows these facts.
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Old Sunspot 1944 is rolling around the limb and has been renamed sunspot 1967 , and it looks like it has plenty of size and magnetic complexity left , so we might get another show !

Yeah I know who cares right , but some of us get excited about sunspots , because we know that the Sun is king our neighborhood.

So we keep an eye on ole Father Sun becasue what ever happens to him happens to us , one way or another we are effected… I mean why do you think people used to worship the Sun.

I had high hopes on 1944  the first time around , but nothing much happened , but now there is a hint of change in the air, with financial markets teetering , bankers committing suicide , and banks clamping down on cash withdrawals , there is a sense that just a little push and we might see… well something happen.
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After months of barely any activity from Father Sun , sunspot 1944 rolled around the limb a couple days ago and gave all of us Sun lovers a bit of excitement as one of the largest sun spots in decades introduced itself to us.

Not only is sunspot 1944 big in size it is also magnetically complex, which means it has the potential for some nice solar flare activity and Coronal Mass Ejections of data …er I mean energy , of course around here at Apocalypse How I see the energy as data , for consciousness to use in its evolutionary cycle.

So far sunspot 1944 is off to a nice start with a few M class flares and a decent X Class Flare yesterday on January 7th 2014 , this event did produce a Coronal Mass Ejection and becasue of it’s nearly perfect earth facing position , earth will get a nice hit on January 9th or so depending on the speed of the incoming energy.

So here we have another wonderful opportunity to utilize this incoming gift from Father sun as a catalyst , a propellant if you will to ramp up our vibration , our individual and collective energy fields , let this energy permeate  your very being and lift your spirits and energize you !
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Just like most things these days , nothing is really turning out like we thought or what some had predicted .

And solar cycle 24 has been no different , even the double peak theory hasn’t panned out yet.

Father Sun is smiling I’m sure , my god the arrogance of humanity , we think we know whats going on , course that’s the problem , way too much thinking going on !

So as we watch Sun spot 1944 roll around the limb , I have to admit to a little excitement , perhaps Father Sun will throw us a bone , and deliver a nice sized dose of reality our way in the form of a Coronal Mass Ejection , preferably a full halo , direct impact,  to wake us up out of our stupor.

I mean …come on it’s 2014 !  We are still driving around in internal combustion engines, we are still talking about going to Mars one day , big deal to do what , look at dirt , find microbes , we are still printing money out of thin air , Wall Street is on a sugar high while main street is clearly suffering from hypoglycemia.

So come on Father Sun , no more glancing blows, we need a full hit , a complete data packet upgrade to consciousness to get things rolling here in 2014 , we need a wake up call before we wake up one day and find we have all had micro chips installed in our hands and we are waiting in line at WalMart for our monthly allotment of provisions.
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As comet Ison approaches the sun , there has been a definite uptick in solar activity , we have had half a dozen X class flares in just the last week or so and twice that many M class and C class flares.

All of  this is after months of little or no activity , where most earth facing sunspots seem to wither and die once they became earth directed , they just shut down and go into a state of decay , and then as they cycle to the back side of the sun they come alive again…very strange behavior… of course what do humans really know about the sun, it is a bit older than we are !

The impact of all this energy coming in has been quite interesting on an individual basis as those around us go crazy or find a wealth of energy and inspiration ,  and on a collective level  with super typhoon Haiyan clobbering  the Philippines , supposedly the biggest storm ever recorded to make landfall .

So is it just a coincidence that the sun is becoming more active , just as comet Ison approaches, are the two bodies  interacting ?

Anyone who is familiar with the idea of the electric universe would agree that is exactly what is happening , ” Interaction ” , and as Ison gets closer to the sun we may see a continued increase in activity , which will all but verify what many of us  already know intuitively , this is an Electric Universe !

Ison is a highly charged electrical body , moving towards our sun , a massive,  electrically charged body , and the two are connecting , via currents that stretch out through space for millions of miles and as they touch they spark , the comet gets brighter , and the sun lets loose with charged particles in the form of filament eruptions , solar flaring , and the dance goes on , and has for billions of years.
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The doom sites are bustling with the latest on comet Ison , supposedly it has the potential to be one of the more spectacular Comets of recent times , of course for most of us we will likely never see the thing unless we go on the internet and look at pictures of it.

It’s not like we can just look up in the sky with the naked eye and see this big event happening , although it would be cool if we could, anything to break up the monotony of  the drama we call the consensus reality , on and on,  the shootings , wars, political theater and economic woes.

The ” Doom Tards ” as they  are called , are of course hoping for disaster  , anything to bring about change , there are a lot of people who are awake and understand the way the world works , and don’t really see any way out of the mess, they don’t see any way that we can get from point A to B … point B of course is some semblance of a sustainable , fair and balanced economic system, that serves the individual and the collective , without destroying our eco systems , and is not ruled over by a bunch of corrupt , service to self ….. Ok  you get the point , people want things to get better , and in lieu of that ..hell lets just call it quits and go for the post Apocalyptic Paradise.

Anyway … this Ison is a bit strange , even expert comet observer John Bortle thinks Ison looks a bit weird , so there , even an expert is starting to get his doom on , well not quite , but hey , maybe something exciting will happen , it is possible !

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Well it looks like the real “Big Daddy”  of the solar system has come alive again , I was beginning to wonder if we would see any more action out of our Star performer , the highly publicized solar cycle 24 was supposed to be the show of a lifetime , however it’s turned out to be a box office dud.

Then promoters said … wait , it could be a double peak cycle , so lately we have all been waiting for that second peak to kick in , maybe this it , although every time the sunspots become earth facing they fall apart on stage , it’s as if they are suffering from performance anxiety .

So here we are nearing the end of the solar cycle 24 , you know , the one that was supposed to herald the end times, and the only thing that seems to have ended is solar activity , which is why I was pleasantly surprised this week to see the uptick in Solar flaring , we have had at least half a dozen M class flares and 2 X flares in the last 72 hours or so , and it looks like we have at least some earth directed energy coming our way from the Coronal Mass Ejections that were released.
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