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Apocalypse Earth

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Well here it is 2013 , and life is challenging as ever , however I  have never felt more able to meet those challenges than I do now. The last few years have taught me one very important lesson , take it one day at a time.

And then , there are these Crazy Chemtrails …everywhere. Just a few years ago I had never even heard the term , even though they have been around for years according to those that have been documenting this conspiracy, clearly I was too busy to pay any attention to them.

So here I am circa 2013 , wide awake as never before , and I am seeing Chemtrails every where , even on movies , and TV , where there is a shot of a clear sky,  low and behold , Chemtrails are often seen, they have become part of the backdrop, like clouds , trees, and mountains.

So what can I  do about chem trails , nothing !  In fact I am beginning to think that the whole Chemtrail phenomenon is yet another test, another adversity for me to overcome. It seems the more I think about Chemtrails , the more I see them . Why yes… we attract the things we fear just as much as we attract the things we love.

I know … it sounds like I’m saying the world revolves around me… oh wait it does !   In fact I’m starting to realize the whole universe revolves around me , oh wait … I am universe … dam … lesson learned .
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As individuated aspects of infinite consciousness ,at some point along our journeys , we awaken to the nature of the virtual reality that we find ourselves in ,and when we take the blinders off, when we take the training wheels off ,there is a point , a moment , where we find the “Balance ” and ride on , or we go crashing to the ground.

I would define crashing to the ground as allowing fear to rule your state of being, so that “everything ” becomes a conspiracy and you no longer see the positive aspect of nature working through out nature. Universe uses everything.

The Chem Trail controversy is an obvious conspiracy that anyone can see , all you have to do is ” just look up ” !    That’s all , you don’t have to “believe ” anything, its their in front of you either way.

The important thing is how you deal with this new information this new data , how do you define it and how does it effects your daily life.

Remember the vast majority of people will walk around never paying any attention to chem trails regardless if it’s right in front of them , so are we better off knowing or caring about chem trails ,  we are all breathing the same air, eating the same food , and this is clearly a global situation.

Of course the “Awakening ” crowd would argue that yes , we are always better off when we open our eyes, there is no room for denial in the heart of someone who truly wants to expand their awareness.

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Chemtrails are the ultimate, graphic illustration , of  … ” Somethings Up ” !   What that something is,  is in wide debate now,  among those of us who have simply looked up and wondered , what the hell are they doing ?

However as fascinating and disturbing as that question is , there is an even more disturbing question , how come most of the population won’t even acknowledge their existence …even when its right in front them ?

It’s a form of denial I would assume , becasue  It’s one of the few in your face , verifiable conspiracies that is currently running, I mean you can go outside just about anywhere on the planet and see it happening on occasion , and in some places quite frequently.

And it’s not just in big cities it’s rural areas as well , so there is no escaping it , even the Hawaiian Islands are routinely getting sprayed, as is the Pacific Northwest along the Oregon coast where we routinely observe spraying in long lines parallel to the shore.

What we have observed over the last 2-3 years going back to 2010 is that we are getting these high pressure systems that linger for weeks , and block the normal flow of moisture over the Pacific Northwest during the month of January , which should be a very rainy month historically.

Chemical analysis shows the ingredients in the chemtrails is “Not” what you would not  call environmentally friendly at all.  So whatever the purpose it seems to be in contradiction to mother earths natural chemistry, it looks like someone trying to play god, without our consent.
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Chem Trails brought to you by disaster capitalism. Well if you thought predatory capitalism was bad, take a look at the next level of insanity , “Disaster Capitalism.

Many of us only recently , say in the last few years, have became aware of the concept of chem trails, when you first hear about it , it’s a bit like waking up and wondering what the hell is going on.

You do a bit of research and the picture starts to come together, then one day, your outside and you actually start seeing them everywhere.

In our cities, in the country , off our coasts, and you realize , my god they are actually doing this, I can see it with my own two eyes, there is no way to dispute the evidence, they exist.

In fact Chem trails may be the most obvious of all conspiracies, becasue all you have to do to verify it , is go outside and look up !

So here we are in 2012 and the level of verifiable evidence of Chem Trails and their effect on humanity is staggering,   and as more of us become  more sophisticated , more awake , more expanded in our ability to see the larger picture , we are starting to put the pieces of the puzzle together as to “Why” they are doing this.

The reason of course is money , profits, and control , so nothing new here,  just more sophisticated control mechanisms to manipulate markets, food sources and ultimately the ability to produce food.

It turns out that the main reason for the development of weather modification , Chem Trails, HAARP ,  is to create a situation that puts normal crops at a sever disadvantage through droughts and other extreme weather.

So that the solution can only come in the form of genetically modified strains , that are drought resistant , fungus resistant and so on and available only through licensing,  forcing  farmers to buy these genetically modified seeds year after year, essentially they have to give up their sovereignty, sound familiar ?.

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What are these Chem Trails that people keep talking about , well just look up and you will see. It doesn’t matter where you live in the United States they are everywhere .

It doesn’t take much to unveil the mystery here , its right in front of our eyes, yet people are so afraid that it might actually be true that they live in denial.

Chem Trails are very different from what is know as Contrails, which is a vapor that dissipates fairly quickly.

Chem Trails seem to persist for long periods of time and are often laid in a grid pattern that can actually cloud the sky for long periods of time.

Some of the most respected  research I have seen on this subject is from Rosalind Peterson . Rosalind was a  certified USDA Farm Inspector  and environmental impact analyst who now heads up a watchdog group that monitors weather modification programs.

Of course governments around the world deny any type of weather modification programs but all one has to do is a little digging and you can start to see the mountains of data pointing to just that.

Rosalind’s work is based on research that goes back for over 30 years and there is a direct correlation between air and water samples she collected and tested for chemicals like aluminum, barium, arsenic, and others. I know this is hard to believe but think about what is going on on this planet , with the wars and the perpetual killing and destruction of our planet.  The ones behind this don’t care.

I’m not sure why this whole concept is so hard for people to comprehend , I mean we have be chocking to death from pollution in our big cities for decades and no one seems to deny that . We still have to drive internal combustion engines that are all belching chemicals into the environment.

So this is nothing more than a continuation of the same polices, or perhaps as we awaken a policy now set into overdrive.  What can we do about it , I’m not sure we can do anything other than be aware of it and add it to the growing list of reasons that we need to look behind the curtain and see what is really goign on.

We need to pull our head out of the sand , and see things s they really are , no sadly there is no Santa Claus ,no Easter Bunny, and no, the governments around the world are not benevolent all loving institutions filled with only good will towards humanity. Like everything in this polarized reality , you have both what you would call positive and negative programs running,and everything in between.

So do your own research , come to your own conclusions ,  this is what the Apocalypse is all about , its about unveiling what and who is behind the curtain, including yourself.

In the interview below Rosalind Peterson , introduces herself, he background and her work in uncovering the cover up of what we now call Chem Trails in the alternative media.

Here is a montage of music, lyrics and images , one of the many videos out there done by those that are awake to the madness known as Chem Trails , just hold your breath !

Please Share With Others In The Awakening Process !