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Hi Seth,
Thank you so much for being such a huge part of my wake up, I’ve headed to your website so often. I loved your post today answering Pete from Canada. Just wondered if you could please go into the Singularity a little more? I get confused sometimes with that word. Does it have 2 meanings, one God-like and also AI based?
Many thanks

Thank you Karen , I greatly appreciate your feedback , of course anything I say is simple my perspective ….I don’t believe in definitive statements , we are all just exploring… of course you already know that …

I “feel” we are all basically individuate aspects , or fragments, shards of a larger body, being, all that is , the singularity … each of us reflecting back a slightly different perspective in a vast multi verse , and this multi verse and everything within it , as vast and un knowable as it seems , is still within the singularity , there is really only “one thing” , one particle , a particle that is so fast it can be everywhere and appear as everything…
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The Wake Up Call Part .2

Continued from Part .1

…I am whom ever you want me to be …and from there things got even more amazing, words of course do little to describe experiences like this.

The only way I can describe it was that I had become more of myself , more conscious, more consciousness. There were additional encounters with other beings some female , some male, all of them seemed to be there to help me get re-acquainted with my surroundings.

Upon returning from my nap that day to what we normally call the waking state , I have never, in my life, felt such a sense of  listlessness, it felt like , I was in …a Dream.

I slowly got up, off the bed , walked around , stumbling a bit , not too in control of my balance , or my physical body for that matter , and started looking for Hanna my wife.

When I found her,  I asked  her,  can you see me ?  She looked at me a bit startled wondering what the hell I was talking about. I asked her a couple more times and she said, honey whats wrong with you, what happened.

From her persepctive I laid down to take a nap just an hour or so earlier, and she was in the living room relaxing , starting to doze off on the couch, with Henry in her lap snoring loudly, as he always does , all of us tired from the long night.

I told her what happened the best I could , but this feeling of not really being there was so strong , again it just felt like a dream, waking reality now felt like …the Dream , everything seemed really slow , it was like I had come down of a drug high and I was experiencing the burnout phase.

I was actually sad in a way , disappointed to be back here, in what we call the waking state, this slow vibrational state , I wanted to go back , I wanted to be Alive Again !

Hanna wasn’t to excited to hear that , it kind of hurt her feelings , making it sound like our life was just some dream I was having.

After about an hour,  the feeling had worn off somewhat , but it took about half the day to realize , to process what had happened and to adjust to this vastly denser , slower , less alive , less awake state.

I came to the realization that what we call waking life is actually more like a dream state , than what I had just experienced , as the song goes, merrily,  merrily, merrily ,  life is but a Dream”.

Wow , 2012 was on a roll , what would happen next , I could only wonder what could top the first day of 2012 . We went to bed early that night ,as we were both exhausted ,  and I slowly drifted off to sleep.

I was of course hoping I would return home,  to that place I had just visited,  that beautiful amazing alive , place, where “everything” was within my grasp.

It was only a brief visit   , although it  seemed like hours , it was only a few minutes by the clock, here on planet earth, physicality , what we call “Life”.

My god , we don’t have a clue what the hell we are , who we are , and where we come from.

As my eyes closed I could hear the wind pick up outside , I could hear a storm brewing and it made me sleepy …as I always love a good storm … To Be Continued !

One of the main points to be made here at Apocalypse How is , to understand , to explore, the definition, of Apocalypse.

We have been programmed through TV, Movies, Books, Religion to define the Apocalypse as a negative, destructive, end of civilization event.

When in fact it is a process , Apocalypse means the unveiling, the quickening, transparency of all things.

One of the most powerful truths coming to light during this Apocalypse “Right Now” is the understanding that we are infinite, co-creative beings.

As co-creators , we are learning that how we “define” things, what we “believe” things to be , has a direct impact on our experience here on earth.

We are learning that as we change our definitions, change our beliefs , we are actually recreating ourselves , we are actually shifting to versions of reality that are more in alignment with these new beliefs, these new definitions.

The Powers that be , the social engineers, know this , they know who and what we are , and they have used this esoteric knowledge to manipulate this infinite power source towards their own agendas for thousands of years.

They have in a sense have been tapping our power to co -create a world “they” have chosen.

From a greater persepctive we have all been willing participants in this , none of us are victims. We wanted to experience the complete disconnect form source so we could work our way back home.

This is raw creation , this is exciting , and we are masters at this , this is what we do , and “Beings” through out the multiverse respect and admire those that take this path, it’s not for the uninitiated, Planet Earth is a “Master” course.

The Apocalypse is shining a blinding light on this process, many of us around the world now see the big picture, we can see how “The Game ” is played.

And once the games is exposed to the blinding light , once we as individuals acknowledge this reality , it’s game over.

And this is the destruction we are seeing , this is the end , the Apocalypse is talking about. This is the end to the constructs that we no longer need.

For many of us, we are simply done with this phase of our personal and collective evolution, we are ready for graduation.

And this will be the purpose of the “Post Apocalyptic Paradise” series, it’s going to be a journal of sorts, a glimpse into what this world, this reality will look like , once we make that shift , once we re-define, re-acknowledge , re-remember who and what we are.

There are many out there myself included who sometimes get drawn into the main stream version of what a Post Apocalyptic world would look like , think , The Road , The Postman, and many other stories and movies that all portray a dark period of destruction , despair , hopelessness.

Because that’s what sells books and Movie tickets. We all have a sort of underlying addiction to these sort of doom and gloom scenarios , simply becasue they allow us to escape the current reality.

In these main stream post apocalyptic stories , we no longer have to go to work ,we can sleep in , we no longer have to pay our bills, we can simply wander the world , live off the land, scavenge through stores for canned foods, with no government or authorities to tell us what to do or think or impose their wars on us.

What would be the point of that type of life , really , if all we do is wander around struggling to survive , filthy dirty , cold and hungry as we watch the Earth slowly die off.

This is the sort of story line Hollywood likes to perpetuate, this is their attempt to steer us , via media programming , towards the darkness.

Just remember this is part of the course, part of our schooling , and it is up to us graduate the course by realizing  its just a course, by re aligning ourselves vibrationally so we can choose , what ever experience,  what ever outcome we like.

Below is video of someone sharing their thoughts , their feelings about this process, their are perhaps thousands of videos on youtube of people asking these same questions , wanting some kind of change to occur even if it means the collapse of society or worse the destruction of the planet and human civilization .

There is nothing wrong with this , it’s a good healthy response to a world that is insane.

We can have a Post Apocalyptic Paradise !

Events seem to be heating up as the sun became more active recently and there is anger and frustration in the streets all over the world. They say ” The Truth Will Set you Free , But first it will really piss you off ” and to a certain extent that is true as we can see it all around us.

The Apocalypse can be likened to a light in a dark room slowly being turned up , increasing in luminescence, at first you can barley see anything , as it gets brighter you start so see the walls of the room , the structure . As the light increases you can start to see the dirt on the walls and in the corner.  Its been there all along but now you can actually  “See it” .

This dirt  you see is the way the world really works behind closed doors  , in conference rooms , and behind the veil of illusion we call modern civilized society.  As the light illuminates the nooks and crannies of this reality we can start to what is there and it can be pretty repulsive and a bit frightening to the uninitiated.

In the early stages of awakening you start see the corruption and the conspiracy that is rampant in our Political , Social and Economic systems, this is evil made manifest , the dirt in the cracks of humanity.

Once aware of this insanity you start to ask where is it coming from , who is in control of this madness and why does it seem to be escalating.  This is where your trip down the rabbit hole begins and its not for the faint of heart or those that are are afraid of loosing their sense of  security.

This is where the newly awakened  sometimes shut down and poke their head back in the sand , or some will go a bit insane for a while like the crazy homeless man in the street ranting and raving  to anyone who will listen to his stories of conspiracy.
(

Well here it is July 2011 and while the over all awakening or Apocalypse is occurring at various levels globally, the situation on the ground so to speak hasn’t changed much for he common slave , I mean Man.

Can we get this party started , this is taking a lot longer than I ever expected, we may all be broke by the time anything ever happens.

By the time any real change occurs that could benefit the middle class , we  all may be living in tents cities, or worse fema camps. This is the new fear based paradigm that is upon us, there seems to be no end to this economic train wreck, and why would there be, nothing has changed fundamentally, in fact the solution is always more debt, more burden.

In  fact the global economy is deteriorating even more so than before ,meaning for “most people”, they have more money going out than they have coming in, or worse they are just plain broke, which creates additional strain on their lives and relationships across the board.

That being said there is a burgeoning Elite class that is growing by leaps and bounds, can you say “Transfer of Wealth” . Yes more now than ever ever if your willing to sell your soul so to speak there are plenty of buyers and the prospects of riches and power abound.  All one has to do is  look at the newly minted millionaires in the District of Corruption to see how that works.

So where does that leave us , most of us who are awake are actually hoping for some sort of pivotal , collapse in the system where at least we might have the possibility for change down the road even though there would be some pain in the process, at least there would be some light at the end of the tunnel.

Many compare this systemic disease and corruption that has taken control of the planet to cancer that needs to be cut out before the healing can start. Well I think we are way past saving this patient, I am for letting it die so that something new can be reborn.

I don’t see how we can effect any real change within a corrupt system, as many have said , how can we find solutions to our problems within the same system they were created in . Mission Impossible !

So this is why we I see a shift towards what I call Apocalysim, yep just made that up , but it means people or Apocalysts who want the Apocalypse to occur. Who want the current system to collapse , who want to start over , no matter what it takes.

I mean what else would a sane person want , certainly not more of the same , like the false left right political theater, endless bail outs for corporations and the super rich , endless money creation by the Federal reserve , with catchy names like Quantitative easing, more IMF take overs, more Wars for profit, more rioting and bloodshed in the street,more police state restriction of rights and sovereignty , and certainly no more “Dancing with the Stars“. No please God , not that!

Yes the Apocalypse is occurring , but When will there be any noticeable change on the ground, well it appears very , very, slowly, so you better be prepared for the long haul, and don’t wait for the World to change, Be the change yourself.

Because if your waiting on the world to change as the song says , then you better bring a book , cause you got a long wait!
(

The Federal Reserve is no more Federal than Federal Express, this has been the mantra of the alternative media and those that are awakening over the last couple of years.  The apocalypse is shining a blinding light on this organization of banksters.

Most of us never had never heard of the Federal Reserve until being introduced to it through the alternative media and Ron Paul with his HR 1207 which sought to audit this gang of money masters.

While HR 1207 pretty much failed to get us anywhere as far as a true audit it was wildly successful at bringing  attention to this private banking oligarchy that controls the creation of money and is at the tip of the pyramid of fractional reserve banking , the ultimate ponzi scheme.

The story behind the Federal Reserve is pivotal in the awakening process because it begins the unveiling process as to who is running the show on planet earth , and to answer that all one needs to do is follow the money. Not just who has the money , but who is actually in control of its creation .

Money is a form of alchemy , and those who create it  , know how to weld this power to control the masses  like no other form of control , it is unprecedented in its scope , it effects every human being in every country on earth.

And at the top of this giant ponzi scheme is the US Dollar and the Federal Reserve , the pinnacle of Ponzi.

The Federal Reserve was created in 1913 , that should tell you something 13 being a favorite number of the so called illuminated ones and in the middle of the night on the mysterious Jekyll Island .

From that point on the United State no longer had control of her currency , the American Revolution had been fought for nothing we were again slaves to the money masters and by 1936 the United States was bankrupt and her citizens, the human population are now held as collateral for the debt owed to the banking oligarchy.

As of this writing we are in debt to the tune of trillions to this private banking oligarchy and their retail outlets such as Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan , Bank of America as well as off shore foreign banks through out the world.

As it stands Americans and their children for generations to come will never be able to pay this debt off, it is mathematically impossible. We are all bought and paid for under this system.

So here we are as of July 2011, the debt ceiling debate goes on, political theater at its best, more quantitative easing in the works for the US and most other countries around the world like Greece, Portugal,  Spain, the list goes on. The IMF salivating at the spoils that will be won in this battle for economic supremacy.

Perhaps world war 3 is human kind against the bankers, the ruling class , or whatever is behind them pulling the strings. An economic war that will leave billions poor or worse dead from starvation ,all  in a universe of infinite abundance. What a scam !

Yet we are stuck with this paradigm for now , but at least lets look at it face to face for what it truly is , pull you head out of the sand and get up off your knees and let me introduce to you the “Federal Reserve”.

One of best documentaries on this subject is the Zeitgeist Movie, The Federal Reserve , watch it and learn and be shocked by the madness that we are surrounded by.

Apokálypsis; “Lifting Of The Veil” or “Revelation”

It’s time to look behind the veil of illusion and start to see things as they are.

The Apocalypse is “Not” about the “End of the World” its about the end of the constructs that enslave us .
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