These are challenging times , for all of us , how do we balance being in the world and not of it , how do we get up each day and go to work  just to survive and  pay the bills , while in our hearts we want to do so much more, be so much more than a slave to eating , sleeping , working .

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Appreciation is a good place to start .

Appreciate what you do have , find the things in your life that you can appreciate, whether it be your health , loved ones , the expansion  of your being , awareness, the simple things , and remember , this is a journey ,you are a journey , there is no destination and as you make your way , the only thing that Matters is your state of being.

Only state of being matters, your state of being will determine what you manifest, will determine what is created here in physicality as “Matter” , what we call our lives.

In this way You can be in the middle of a maelstrom of external chaos and madness , what we call thethe consensus reality and still be at peace , still find joy , knowing that outer circumstances Don’t matter , only state of being matters.

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Hi Seth,
Thank you so much for being such a huge part of my wake up, I’ve headed to your website so often. I loved your post today answering Pete from Canada. Just wondered if you could please go into the Singularity a little more? I get confused sometimes with that word. Does it have 2 meanings, one God-like and also AI based?
Many thanks

Thank you Karen , I greatly appreciate your feedback , of course anything I say is simple my perspective ….I don’t believe in definitive statements , we are all just exploring… of course you already know that …

I “feel” we are all basically individuate aspects , or fragments, shards of a larger body, being, all that is , the singularity … each of us reflecting back a slightly different perspective in a vast multi verse , and this multi verse and everything within it , as vast and un knowable as it seems , is still within the singularity , there is really only “one thing” , one particle , a particle that is so fast it can be everywhere and appear as everything…
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