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TMI … TMI … Too Much Information!   Do you suffer from TMI ?

No,  I’m not talking about when Bob wants to share his recent bowel movement experience , or when Grandma  wants to give you details about her sex life , no we are are talking about another type of TMI challenge here .

We are talking about the barrage of data the human mind is exposed to on a daily basis , the stimuli !

Is there a point where you can overdose on information , can you have Too Much Information ?

I would say yes , you can overdo the whole absorbing information thing and the internet has created an information revolution , we now have a digital representation of human consciousness, that anyone can tap into at any time .

And while it’s great to have the internet as a tool for learning and exploring , it can also become a diversion or worse an obsession , with some people becoming completely addicted to the virtual online world and leaving the so called real world unattended.

Technology has allowed us to become connected digitally across the globe, but in many ways we are more cut off from each other than we have ever been ,there are now  billions of humans sitting in rooms staring into screens typing on keyboards dazzled by yet … another virtual reality… within a virtual reality …within… !

Like anything , you can over do it , giving yourself  mental  and spiritual indigestion , it’s best to find a balance in your life and while it’s great to have the worlds information at your fingertips , the human being needs more than a keyboard and a computer screen to find joy in life … information does not replace real human interaction , real human touch and companionship.

As we go through our exploration and awakening process the internet will continue to be a valuable tool in giving us information , however we need to understand that ultimately our own inner connection directly to source is what will give us our greatest joy , peace and satisfaction.

After all information is just information , some of its useful , some of its not . So if your experiencing TMI or information burnout , just get off the computer, turn off your smart phone and unplug  the TV.

Go for a walk in the woods , or in the park  , sit quietly and listen to your heart beat , feel the life in your body , spend some time with a friend or loved one and talk and laugh about silly things, let go of all your pre conceived ideas about what life is or what  you think it has to be , just …be.

Let you thoughts flow , and know you are not your thoughts , your thoughts are a by product of the mind , and the self talk that is constantly droning is always trying to validate itself  by conceptualizing everything , let that go , and sense the real self , the one behind all the chatter , that is quietly aware, changeless , smell the fresh air , feel the warm sun on your face , listen to all the sounds of nature and the world around you.

Clear your mind of all information , concepts , inner chatter and just be, take everything one moment at at time , and put all of your attention and focus on each moment , with no thought about the past , no thoughts of the future , there is only the present moment and no information is required , you are completely present.

Do this for as long as you can , an hour , a day , a week , a month , and see if you miss all of the information , see if you feel any lighter with out all that information that you think you need to survive .

Below is a fun video exploring Information Overload or IOS , Information Overload Syndrome !



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