Apocalypse How: Doom Addiction


There is a growing addiction in today’s society , no I’m not talking about the typical addictions like drugs , alcohol, this is a rather new phenomenon ,   a type of information addiction if you will .

This is an addiction to Doom !  And the  brand of doom  that I’m talking about here  is  global in nature ,  Big Doom  , the true Doomtard , as most doom attics are called,  require the full on global doom  to really get their jollies  , we are talking comet impacting, tsunami , generated , mega quake inflicted ,  Extinction Level Event …Mega Doom !

Real doom addiction goes beyond simply watching the news with all its fear base negative stories , no that’s not enough  , this addiction goes deeper , perhaps down to our very DNA , where we still have genetic memories of a distant past where earth was a much more dangerous place to live , a lot more tumultuous , think thunderbolts of the gods and you get the drift .

Now I have to admit , from time to time,  I too have felt the pull , the curiosity , and found myself slithering over to one of the popular doom forums, or over to  YouTube where all manner of nonsense is found and  I tell myself I just want to see what all the other “Nuts” are talking about , but within a few minutes I find myself scrolling down the posts or videos , driven by a madness , a need to know what on earth might be happening next !

It’s really quite amazing , the sheer quantity of predicted doom dates that have come and gone and nothing ever happens ,and yet many of these doom prophets or profiteers is a better word , never seem to loose there credibility , their audience coming back time and time again ,  looking for fear in all the right places, evidently having lost there ability for discernment and suffering from memory loss , it’s hard to know.

Yes… it does boggle the mind, every year  a new date , a new comet , a new prophet , a new political or social line is drawn and then crossed , and the hoards  keep coming back for more , for the next fix , begging for just a glimmer of destruction.

What is driving this phenomenon , that’s my fascination with the subject (at least that’s what I keep telling myself ) , why are humans so fascinated with their own destruction , and why so intensely now , one only has to look at the popularity of such sites and videos with visitations in the millions per day ,the  doomtards flocking to the forums like cattle to the trough , sucking up any doom story that is remotely possible and many that are not , like the recent   ” Comet Ison Blown Up by Nuclear Weapons ”  !

My first thoughts are that people may be simply tired of living ( I can empathize with that to a certain degree ) , burned out on the  materialistic lifestyle we have created on this planet , where many find themselves on a treadmill   , working day in and day out , never getting ahead , no prospects of things getting better ,  and in our current economy many have given up on the dream… leaving them plenty of time to surf the web and ponder their demise , and what better way to go than everyone ( including the elite and their political minions )  getting hammered by a planet killing comet , or the eruption of  the Yellow Stone super cauldron , or a nuclear detonation, or super virus…or the police state, civil war , economic collapse , and the list goes on and changes daily !

Sure mankind has been predicting the end of the world for as long as he has been on the planet , but these days we have taken it to a whole new level , frantically hoping , wishing and literally praying for doom , thankfully universe hasn’t been listening and as usual things never turn out quite as bad as we all thought … and the Doomtards had hoped.

For example,  just a few weeks ago the doom forums were on fire with the old school  WWIII doom,  when we were “supposedly”  on there verge of  going to war with Syria ,   all political staged theater of course , no different than pro wrestling , but many people fall for this stuff , and some evidently are even trying to evoke doom through some sort of collective effort , go figure  .

The good thing  about all this , the positive aspect we can take from this doom addiction story  is that universe uses everything , nothing is black and white , and while I believe that there are much better things to do with our time that sitting around talking about how bad things are gonna get , it may serve a purpose, perhaps as a release valve of energy , maybe our talking about it ad nausea circumvents us actually manifesting it here in physicality.

That being said , just be cautious , if you can peruse the doom world with a smile and laughter at all the nonsense and just see it all as information , and essentially entertainment , then fine, have some fun have some laughs , however if you really are really stressing or loosing sleep over this stuff then it’s time you take a step back and ask yourself what’s really going on.

Remember ” Fear is just a Choice ” , at any given moment we can choose to live in fear or joy ,we can spend our energy worrying about the future or we can live in the moment , the only true reality , in fact I would argue that the “Cure For Doom Addiction ” is living in the moment , living from your heart !

Below is a quick vid that gets into this idea from a detached humorous persepctive , which is the best way to explore this type of material , however like any addiction , there is a root cause , so if you find yourself praying for economic collapse, or the New Madrid Fault Earthquake , ask yourself , what are you running from , why the need for the escapism !



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