Apocalypse How: The Triangle


Why is the Triangle such a powerful shape , or symbol, what does it represent in the human consciousness that makes it’s use so prolific in physical reality .

Just look at all the logos for companies, the Pyramids of ancient Egypt , the symbols used by secrete societies often have a triangle or pyramid in them and the list goes on of the  use and fascination with the equilateral triangle , even the dollar bill has the infamous pyramid and the all seeing eye on it .

All around the world the ancient civilizations built pyramid type structures , even our social , and economic structures are built on what we call pyramidal hierarchies , so our entire society is built around this symbolic shape.

Even sightings of UFO’s or extraterrestrial craft in recent decades are Triangle in shape, as the popular flying saucers seems to be taking second fiddle these days, to the more sophisticated  Triangle Craft.

Well it turns out there is a very good reason why the Triangle is such a powerful symbol , it represents the 3 modalities of consciousness itself  which can described as Thoughts , Actions and Emotions.

And of course the number 3 is a very symbolic number itself , often referenced as the trinity or law of 3 in teachings all around the world.

So …when you see a triangle logo or symbol  , it does not necessarily represent something nefarious , like an Illuminati secrete society , or dark cabal , there are positive ways to use this symbolism , just like the swastika ,so once again nothing is black and white  universe uses everything , and any energy a symbol has is bestowed upon it by the observer and what ever beliefs he or she  has , on its own it has no meaning at all, empirical speaking of course!

Yes on planet earth it has power and meaning, but again , once you become more holistic more integrated , you transcend the limitations of the consensus reality , you are in the world , but not of it !

The awakening community has kind of overdone the whole pyramid , triangle as something evil , when of course it’s not , it’s just a shape based on the number 3 ,  so  do what you like with it , it can just as easily and is often representative of something holy or divine.

Again them main point here is,  don’t get locked into viewing anything as positive or negative, be willing to look at it from all perspective this is what integration is all about, I’m not saying that good and evil don’t exist , that polarity does not exist , of course it does it is one of the basic laws of the physical universe, what I’m saying is that the laws of the universe exist within us, they exist within consciousness , which means that ultimately , we are not subject to them , we can over come their effects once we become more unified in our thinking.

So the practical application here is that yes, there all kinds of groups and individuals using symbolism in various ways , for example the swastika was used by Hitler and Buddha , that ought to illuminate the idea for you , so educate yourself on how they are being used and don’t blame the symbol  , don’t immediately associate a particular meaning or energy to a given symbol.

Below are some videos on the use of  Triangle symbolism , it is a very big subject, so these in no way represent the totality of how the triangle is used within consciousness itself, but it’s something to get you started , to get you thinking and to educate yourself on some of the ways it does get used.

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