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Apocalypse Earth

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In the latest installment of Ancient Aliens , the History channel summarizes the work of Erich von Daniken.  

In this episode they continue to hammer in the message  that we are a “Hybrid Species” that has been modified genetically by extraterrestrials.

To many of us , this is not only a reasonable explanation, , it’s one  of the few  that makes any sense as to why the world is the way it is, you know … divine right to rule, blue bloods,  lizard kings , you get the idea.

It explains why the control grid , with  their high priests of science and religion and associated  minions , have been so hell bent on keeping this information under wraps at all costs , it’s to ensure their control of the masses, to hold on to their power.

We can’t have an awakened humanity , knowledgeable about their true origins going about thinking they are the offspring of the gods, the ones from above , extraterrestrial or not , now can we , no , they must always keep this notion that we either evolved from pond scum “science ” or .. a separate god whipped us together in 7 days…religion !
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The History Channel’s Ancient Aliens has become the “Main Stream” portal for disclosure of  who and what we might be .  After several seasons of airing it has become the most popular series ever in the history of the History Channel , evidence that people are hungry for some answers.

Who is behind this series ? What is their agenda ?  it doesn’t really matter to me , I treat it like any source of data , its just information, however that being said , much of what I am seeing in this series does resonate with and actually mirrors much of the the dialogue, discussion  that we are having  in the awakening community.

It’s like the internet has gone main stream TV. What are we ?  Where did we come from ?  Where are we going ?

The sleeping masses of planet earth are slowly being acclimated towards the realization that the history we have been taught in schools is kindergarten stuff  , we are part of a much larger society, a galactic society and then a finally a universal society , we are migrating towards unity or universal consciousness, although at times it feels like a painfully slow pace .
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Nothing is what it seems , so be prepared for layer after layer of  reality to be peeled away during this “Great Awakening”.

My first glimpse down the rabbit hole started out as a simple conversion with someone who was well on his way down the hole already.

In fact he is so far down the hole now , I can’t even find him, and that’s kinda strange in itself.

This has probably happened to some of you so it may be a familiar story.

I was told to pull a dollar bill from my wallet and inspect it closely and to make note of the pyramid and the all seeing eye on this Federal Reserve Note.

After looking at if for a bit , it did seem unusual that our currency had an Egyptian Pyramid on it. I mean what does the United States have to do with Egypt or the pyramids for that matter.

This really intrigued me and spurred me on.  That night I got on the internet and my whole paradigm, my whole world view began to expand exponentially , that was in the fall of 2008.

The first thing I learned that night , was that the pyramid on the dollar was not necessarily an Egyptian pyramid.

However the concept of Pyramids and the fact that pyramids sprouted up all over the world in ancient times really got my curiosity going.

Here it is 2012 and I am watching the whole thing laid out for us on The history channel , on regular television. Wow , what a difference a few years makes.

It turns out the Founding Fathers , were not only brilliant men , they were Free Masons, they were highly enlightened , or Illuminated beings.

The symbolism and rituals that surround the Free Masons, and  the Illuminati of the Bavarian kind are everywhere in American history as well as present day culture.

The data that is piling up is absolutely staggering , for example the Washington Monument  points right towards the Pleiades, as well as many other ancient monolithic sites around the world.

In this age of the Apocalypse , the pieces of the puzzle are all starting to come together , we have them all spread out on the table and we are slowly , each day making the connection , fitting the pieces together.

There is nothing scary about it , nothing to fear , the picture of reality that is coming together as we put the puzzle together is nothing short of extraordinary.

We are extraordinary beings, our fore fathers were extraordinary beings , and clearly so were our space faring ancestors.We are children of the stars,and planet earth is “The Grand Experiment” on so many levels.

If  you look at the United States now and what it has become , just another corrupt empire, one could argue that the experiment was a failure, and that the founding fathers efforts were in vain.

Well to that I say , Its not over yet , and,  if in fact , the American Dream was born form the stars , then all the more reason, to never give up on it.

In this Episode of Ancient Aliens the Founding Fathers are examined and the grand experiment is unveiled.  Prepare to be “Awakened”.

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The more of the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens series that I watch , the more I realize that this is disclosure 101 for the human race.

The term disclosure has became more popular over recent years in the awakening movement with voices like Steven Greer and his disclosure project.

This is what the Apocalypse is all about , we are turning the light in the room on brighter and brighter until at some point,  when we are ready , it will be completely illuminated, for us to see and understand the 4 big questions , like the 4 cardinal points in Astrotheology, the cross , the compass points.

1. Who Are We   2. What Are We   3. Where Have We Been  and   4.  Where are We Going.

This incremental awakening, or illuminating is to allow us , the human race , time to process this information , so that we can integrate it into our society , into our daily existence, into our very consciousness.

When voices like Steven Greer  and David Wilcock and others said that disclosure was eminent back in 2009 , I was very skeptical of any kind of grand announcement from the powers that be , I don’t see them wanting to give up their seat of power to more advanced beings, or ideas that there might be beings superior to them in any way.

On the other hand,  as always,  universe uses everything, and clearly the powers that be , the ruling elite , this group of perhaps not so human beings is not even close to being in control of everything.

And as we move deeper into 2012 and the Apocalypse , they are slowly loosing control and their grasp on the human race, the esoteric knowledge of who and what we are is being broadcast around the world , via television as the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens series.

The series is being replicated on the internet , hundreds of you tube channels carry the series and the videos are being passed back and forth at the speed of light.  The human race, human consciousness is hungry for this information , this data , as it rebuilds its collective memory , to bring us out of this amnesia.

One thing I find very encouraging is that whoever is behind the History channel does not seem to have a problem with the Ancient Aliens series  being spread across the internet as you tube videos , there does not appear to be a crackdown on copy wright protection. We shall see, my hopes, my highest joy is that this remains to be the case.

If you think about it , this is really the only way you can have disclosure, because what this series and what other researchers around the world are understanding , coming to the realization of, is that the so called Aliens are really just , other beings , like us , who exist in this environment we call the cosmos, the multiverse, physicality , creation.

And the story of planet earth is about how these other beings are more like our ancestors , in some ways , perhaps our creators in other ways , but they are not superior to us , in the sense that ultimately we are all part of creation , we are all fractals or aspects of all that is, and in this realization we are all brothers that exists, with in love, within “all that is”, because we are all , “all that is”.

The purpose I believe of this series is to help us understand our real history , so the history channel is the perfect vehicle to bring us the unedited version of reality , to re program us so to speak out of the version of history we are taught in school and through out the state controlled academic system. The real story goes much further back then even Sumeria , which was roughly 5000 BC.

As you watch the series you will hear this term used quite often, “As Ancient Astronaut  Theorists Suggest , or Believe” .   This is the History Channels disclaimer so to speak , a way for them to present the information yet still remain a main stream instrument , for those that still might be sensitive to this information, becasue of their religious beliefs or simply becasue they have been asleep so long they need to be slowly awakened.

And of course,  we are,  still putting the pieces together,  now its just a matter of the details, anyone who has been at this very long is already living in the realization that we are all “hybrid beings” from other worlds , that are essentially infinite consciousness.

The rest is just the local story , the play so to speak , here in our part of the cosmos , on Mother Earth, another type of being , a magnificent host consciousness , beyond our scope of understanding at this point, but we are getting there , some of course are already there.

As we learn about the details and our back ground , as we integrate this into our daily lives , as we become more awake, more of who and what we are , as we raise our vibrationally frequencies individually and en-mass , we come closer each day to embracing , the others , the other beings, the other civilizations throughout the cosmos.

This day of reckoning , this Apocalypse , is already here for many of us and is growing exponentially , becasue of programs like the Ancient Aliens series, becasue of researchers around the world, and becasue  individuals like you and me who are simply stepping up pushing though the fear , pushing through the old paradigms, and re-remembering, re creating our selves each and every moment.

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The concept of Extraterrestrial Civilizations is really just acknowledging the various types of  “beings’ through out the mulit verse.

As the Apocalypse heats up so to speak , we are getter more and more detail about what this means to us as “Human ” beings.

We are at a level of discovery now, where we can start to see our place in the universe, what we call physicality.

And within the physical universe there are countless races of ” Beings” in different shapes,  forms and sizes , all experiencing reality from a unique perspective.

From a greater reality of course , there  really is only “Being” , all that is , prime source , but within, all that is , the drama of the universe plays out in its infinite variety of life forms, planets, starts, dimensions and so on , for the purpose of exploring itself.

So from that perspective it is quite fun and fascinating to explore the variety of life in the cosmos. One of the most interesting aspects of  awakening to the “others” as we can call them is that we are in constant communication with “them” on many levels.

And it appears , we are in many cases related to them , not only genetically , but connected to them on deeper levels , literately  sharing the same over souls .

What we are starting to realize as we let go of fear and see things as they truly are , is that what we call Aliens or Extraterrestrials are actually more accurately our ancestors, genetically.

It’s becoming increasingly obvious that we are a hybrid species , which in itself is a misnomer when you consider everything is a hybridization, really , I mean physicality , the  universe is a constant state of flux, expansion, transition.

And all of this movement , and change , is occurring “within”  all that is, and all that is, being,  is changeless , and since we are really aspects of this changeless being, its kinda of silly to differentiate one race of beings from another as being Alien .

I mean come on people it’s 2012 , lets embrace the universe and all it’s diversity of beings , human beings, Lima beans , pinto beans , Annunaki, Pleiadians, Sirians, service to self, self serving, benign , malevolent, humanoid , reptilian , black , white, purple ,who cares , ultimately at the greatest of perspectives , we are still one being, playing these different parts.

And when you look at it from that persepctive the whole universe opens to you , there are no limitations.

If you want to zoom in a bit and get a pretty good understanding of what happened here on earth and how the human race was helped along a bit by our ancestors.

History Channels Ancient Alien series does an excellent job of it , in this episode called “Aliens and The Creation Of Man.

Hey its no different than how we took the wolf and created the various breeds of dogs that we know and love today. Its all good, and no I do not mind being compared to a dog, dogs are some of the best people on the planet.

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Why is the human race completely mesmerized with this shiny yellow stuff we call gold. The first thing that comes to my mind is how close the word gold is to god.

And yes many people worship  gold just as much as god if not more so.  As far back as human history takes us we have always been in pursuit of gold, wars are fought , people are murdered , lives are destroyed, all  in the name of a shiny, yellow metal.

As we expand our understanding of who and more importantly what we are, we are beginning to see the reasons why gold is such an integral part of our reality here.

One of the first really interesting things I came across during my initial wake up call , was the story of the Annunaki , and how they came to our planet to mine gold.

Supposedly they needed the characteristics of gold as a reflector of sunlight.  They would somehow vaporize the gold into a dust and spread it into their atmosphere and it would greatly reduce the amount of solar radiation their planet would receive.

This planet of course was Niburu, and one of the first researchers who made this concept known to us is Zecharia Sitchin.

When you start looking at the characteristics of gold as one of the best conductors of electricity, as a an incredible insulator of  solar radiation it starts to make sense why these advanced beings would want large quantities.

For me and many others on the planet , its pretty much a no brainier, think about it , advanced beings basically created the human race as a sort of slave race, and to a certain extent we are still enslaved becasue we have remained a sleep.

But that is all changing now as we awaken, and all as it should be, nothing demonic here, nothing evil , those are polarized concepts, we are simply becoming aware of  who we are and where we came from , from a purely physical perspective.

This is the story of the humans on planet earth and the journey we have been on , as we grow in awareness , we should be taking this all in with fascination and excitement.

Yes truth is exponentially more interesting than the fiction we have been taught, and most of us no longer believe in Santa Clause or the tooth fairy or that human civilization only goes back a few thousand years, its all nonsense.

It game over , hell you can watch it all on main stream TV, its called the History Channel, gotta love it, this is in a sense Disclosure, as Steven Greer would agree.

No its not Alien ships hovering over the cities , that’s not going to work , they are doing the most logical thing they can, slowly teaching us , prodding us , so that we re-remember who we are , where we came form and where we are going.

Its the Apocalypse and its a wonderful thing !  The big Sleep is over. Wake Up !

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Well , we knew it could happen , Alternative has finally gone Main Stream. I mean come on, the History Channel is pretty Main Stream. Right ?

This is the same channel that has been spewing the version of reality we have all been taught in school, the version academia has spoon fed the entire planet.

Then all of a sudden they come out with the Ancient Alien series. The most widely watched series in the history of the History channel.

Well yeah ! Because it’s incredibly interesting. It’s eye opening, it’s provocative, and …strangely in lock step with most of the conversation we are having…what the hell ?

I have only a watched a few of the episodes , I keep trying to  suss out the psyop going on , I still can’t figure it out. Its like they just converted the entire alternative media discussion and put it on TV for all world to see, I wanted to cry …I think.

I mean I used to feel so special …..gathering my esoteric knowledge off this newly created digital consciousness we call the internet ..and now…the Boob Tube is in competition…oh well …what the hell…the screen is bigger !

Is this disclosure, I wonder. The one episode that really blew my mind was Alien Devastation.

They tell the story of how the Annunaki came to earth to  to mine gold, genetically modified neanderthal man to be their slaves and here we are , Bam….hybrid humans , Annunaki and god knows what other DNA we have in us , some say 7 different races.

And it gets better , we’ll let the History Channel Tell the story!  Go History Channel ! I guess they figured they get better ratings when they tell the truth, what a concept. Truth was Stranger and more interesting than fiction.

Please Share With Others In The Awakening Process !