Apocalypse How: Ancient Aliens 2013 Disclosure Process

In the latest installment of Ancient Aliens , the History channel summarizes the work of Erich von Daniken.  

In this episode they continue to hammer in the message  that we are a “Hybrid Species” that has been modified genetically by extraterrestrials.

To many of us , this is not only a reasonable explanation, , it’s one  of the few  that makes any sense as to why the world is the way it is, you know … divine right to rule, blue bloods,  lizard kings , you get the idea.

It explains why the control grid , with  their high priests of science and religion and associated  minions , have been so hell bent on keeping this information under wraps at all costs , it’s to ensure their control of the masses, to hold on to their power.

We can’t have an awakened humanity , knowledgeable about their true origins going about thinking they are the offspring of the gods, the ones from above , extraterrestrial or not , now can we , no , they must always keep this notion that we either evolved from pond scum “science ” or .. a separate god whipped us together in 7 days…religion !

Religion ,  was created as a control mechanism,  by other men , who have retained certain esoteric knowledge about our true origins,  pure and simple , that’s it, Jesus , Buddha , Chrishna never said follow me , they said “Be” Like me. .

The idea that human beings are a Hybridization of early ape like creatures and extraterrestrial DNA  manipulation , with the genetic contributions from perhaps multiple different races of extraterrestrial beings,  is certainly not in alignment with organized religion’s view that man is the pinnacle of creation at the center of the universe .

And of course it does not follow the strict guidelines of evolution , hey where is that missing link anyway ?

I mean come on , We are What We are , who cares, whatever was pivotal in helping to create these vehicles we call bodies, without  “Us”  , consciousness, they would just be bags of  salt water , so whats the big deal , what ever types of  body we inhabit  physical or otherwise, they are just clothing spirit wears from time to time , to have a night out so to speak , don’t get caught up in that trap.

Move past totally identifying with your physical body , it may temporarily be who you are, but it’s not what you are, remember “human” is the adjective , we are “Beings” .

Before we can have a conversation with the “others” we have to come to the recognition that we are cosmic mutts, nothing wrong with that , hybrids are cool , and those races who contributed DNA , to our gene pool , they are the in laws, friends,  family , get over it , we are all infinite consciousness playing the part of something , it’s what we do .

Once you can get past all  BS we have been indoctrinated with by “society” , once you get a glimpse of who “AND ” what you are , the veil of illusion is gone , welcome back to the universe !

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