Apocalypse How : Ancient Aliens the Series

The History Channel’s Ancient Aliens has become the “Main Stream” portal for disclosure of  who and what we might be .  After several seasons of airing it has become the most popular series ever in the history of the History Channel , evidence that people are hungry for some answers.

Who is behind this series ? What is their agenda ?  it doesn’t really matter to me , I treat it like any source of data , its just information, however that being said , much of what I am seeing in this series does resonate with and actually mirrors much of the the dialogue, discussion  that we are having  in the awakening community.

It’s like the internet has gone main stream TV. What are we ?  Where did we come from ?  Where are we going ?

The sleeping masses of planet earth are slowly being acclimated towards the realization that the history we have been taught in schools is kindergarten stuff  , we are part of a much larger society, a galactic society and then a finally a universal society , we are migrating towards unity or universal consciousness, although at times it feels like a painfully slow pace .

I know , I know , we need to take it slowly  , this is a shared collective experience /classroom , and while many of us are anxious for the next stage , there are still many asleep with their heads on the desk, nap time is over kids !

As I have watched the Ancient Alien series progress , there are some key elements that are being driven home episode after episode , below are  the key points being made.

.1   We are essentially a hybrid race , with DNA from several different “extraterrestrial” influences. Which makes sense , I mean isn’t everything in a sense a hybridization of something else , this is the nature of nature.

.2   There have been civilizations on this planet that were far more advanced , spiritually and technologically than what we have today which supports the idea behind consciousness going through cycles as opposed to a straight line evolutionary process.

.3 These “Other Beings ” have been pivotal in steering and guiding humanity on it’s course, for better or worse , probably a little of both universe is not black and white , its all grey.

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