What is Organic Disclosure , well its just an idea I came up with , a way to explore the idea of  how we might make contact with other “beings” outside of the consensus reality.

What other beings you might ask, well any of them , pinto beings, lima beings, navy beans you name it. Any beings that want to make contact with us.

There is a very complex and overly manipulated idea in the awakening community about us “Human Beans” making contact with other beings , whether it be from other planets or other dimensions, and they call it “Disclosure” !  (Trumpets and drum rolls here ).

I’ve lost track of the numerous websites and individuals who claim to be at the forefront of the “Disclosure” discussion. I have to laugh I’m sorry , it all seems so silly , to think that any “being” has to do anything special to contact another “being” , especially when there is really only “one being ” .

But this is planet earth , and we do things a bit sillier down here, we make things really complicated and evidently the vast majority of the collective , the population of “human Beans” , like it like that .
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In the latest installment of Ancient Aliens , the History channel summarizes the work of Erich von Daniken.  

In this episode they continue to hammer in the message  that we are a “Hybrid Species” that has been modified genetically by extraterrestrials.

To many of us , this is not only a reasonable explanation, , it’s one  of the few  that makes any sense as to why the world is the way it is, you know … divine right to rule, blue bloods,  lizard kings , you get the idea.

It explains why the control grid , with  their high priests of science and religion and associated  minions , have been so hell bent on keeping this information under wraps at all costs , it’s to ensure their control of the masses, to hold on to their power.

We can’t have an awakened humanity , knowledgeable about their true origins going about thinking they are the offspring of the gods, the ones from above , extraterrestrial or not , now can we , no , they must always keep this notion that we either evolved from pond scum “science ” or .. a separate god whipped us together in 7 days…religion !
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