Bashar Phenomenon : Shards Of A Fractured Mirror Part.1

150 years from now in a parallel , future reality ,a hybrid human ,  Holly Cotton , writes a book , a work known as “Shards Of the Fractured Mirror”, it becomes the definitive work on Parallel Reality Understanding.

550 years beyond that , a being know as ,  Willow Helichrysum, uses the material in  “Shards of a Fractured Mirror ” as a text book , a bible so to speak in her education and training as a Parallel Reality Specialist, a career that apparently becomes useful once we have evolved beyond the limitations of linear time and space.

In Willow’s “now” ,700 years from “our now” , up line from us , she is making contact with us in the year 2013 . Her contact with us is possible becasue of a being know as Bashar , also a hybrid human , from roughly “2000 years”  in our future , who is channeled by Darryl Anka in our “now ” circa 2013 .

What is the point you may ask , I’m not entirely sure…other than simple curiosity and fascination , to go deeper , further , to expand… however…for  myself and many others,  the point is , that , the larger reality is not linear , it only appears that way becasue we have chosen to  participate in a shared , collective , virtual reality , that simulates linearity… is that even a word… it sounds good.

It may be a bit confusing from a  linear perspective , to grasp the story line here,  but we have all seen enough Sci Fi to get the basic premise.

It turns out Willow or Willa  for short , has 2 hearts that beat in rhythmic synchronicity, back and forth, back and forth…Well its good to know evolutions is working its magic, we could use more heart on this planet that’s for sure, her accent is Irish sounding and she uses old  Celtic  words like  “Kenning” , do you Ken me ?

Shards of A Fractured Mirror is the perfect metaphor to describe the idea that we are all basically individuate aspects , or fragments, shards of a larger body, being, all that is , god… if you must, each of us reflecting back a slightly different perspective in a vast multi verse.

Given my fascination for the message and information that Bashar has given thus far , I am very inclined to keep my ears open for more of Willa , as she gains her footing in articulating with us more of  what her message will be , and who the ” landed ones ” are and what their purpose is.

From my own personal experience and knowing ,  and from the other voices in our collective discourse, I feel we are getting closer to making the connections, lifting the veil , we are not alone, there is nothing to fear , we are part of a much larger family , a family that will be their as we awaken from our deep slumber !

In part .2 of “Shards of A Fractured Mirror , we will discuss ….well what ever happens next…I have no idea …stay posted !

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