We when we say we are all one , its not simply a metaphor, its the nature of reality , we are all, one particle, a particle that is infinite it’s capabilities.

A particle so infinite that it can be every where at once, it can be make up the entire physical universe.

Understanding the infinite particle is a way to visualize the nature of the holographic universe.  A way to intuitively feel how we are all connected with “Every Thing” , how we are all literally “One Thing” ,  and what each of us do effects those around us and the entire universe.

Each of us, of course is an entire universe , an individualized particle , growing  in awareness,  expanding  more and more each moment.

We will still have all our own personal memories and experiences that make us unique, we don’t give up our identity , we don’t loose anything , in some blending into the whole , we keep all of that and at “the Same Time ” realize we are the whole.

This is how infinite “The Particle” is !  Capable of being in all places, in all times, in all combinations, as physical matter or pure consciousness.

This is where particle physics is headed, this is what Einstein and many others were looking for in a “Unified Theory” of everything.

What I find amusing is that of course we “Humans” are just trying to make it so much more complicated. So we build billion dollar particle accelerators , so that we can find the smallest particle.

And we keep finding smaller and smaller particles , and of course we would , since the “One Particle” that we are, will of course continue to create what ever it seeks, what ever it consciously looks for will manifest.

There is ” No End “to the universe , which means , as we build instruments,  to detect smaller and smaller particles we will find smaller and smaller particles .

As we build instruments to see further and further out into the cosmos, we will find more galaxies , more stars , more universe.

As we expand consciousness and awareness to experiences different realities, densities and dimensions , we will  discover new realities , densities and dimensions, there is no end to that which is infinite, this is the  Power of the Particle.

Picture a Particle , The Particle, for fun we can call it the God Particle.  This particle is capable of infinite speed , so fast that it can literally  be at two places at the same time.

Now lets take it a step further, the particle is capable of infinite speed, faster than the speed of light, faster than the speed of thought , it is infinitely fast, so fast that it can be every where , all at once.

Because it is infinite in it capabilities, it can appear as the trillions of  particles , and atoms and cells that make up the human body, as well as all the atoms that make up the Earth and everything within her, and the sun and the galaxies and the universe.

One particle moving so quickly it can appear as everything in physical reality. This infinite particle also represents infinite consciousness, and all things that are non physical.

We , are in a sense appearing as individual fractals or particles of all that is , each of has our own unique experience of the whole , and the particle becasue of its infinite nature can do this , but it in reality there is only one particle , one being , creating the “illusion” of separation.

This is the fractal , holographic nature of all that is, one being , one particle experiencing all that is , simultaneously ! And each part containing the whole.  A change in one fractal is replicated in all of creation.

So the practical application , the “benefit”  from understanding, from knowing ,  this simple ” law of nature” is that when put into practice in your daily life it will greatly increase your abundance , synchronicity and growth.

It will transform your field of energy into a unifying force , as opposed to a polarizing force.

“Knowing”  that every person , thing , environment that you experience is simply a reflection of your “State of Being” . That there is no separate object , will allow you to more fully create the reality you prefer.

You see this explains why your “State of Being” creates your reality, becasue as a fractal of all that  is , any change in your vibration , thought, will permeate the particles , or unified field around you , as universe goes out to support the vibration that you are holding.

It can be positive , it can be negative, universe doesn’t make any distinction between those concepts, it simply fills the void , the mold , the space you have created.

Again this is why it is important to be “Very Clear” about your definitions, and what it is you “Want” !

This the “Power of the Particle” , this is what we are , we are always supported, we are universe personified , we are “The Particle” personified.

The Prime Radiant

One Particle Illustrated.

David Icke , for me , is one of the most resonate voices of the Apocalypse , and for this reason he is of course one of my favorites.

I have learned so much from listening to David over the years and I greatly appreciate his contribution to our collective and individual awakening process.

What I love about David Icke is his incredible ability to articulate the big picture.

I often use the term Infinite Consciousness and this was something I picked up from David after listening to him a few times, and has now become a common term for many of us.

Its a term that tries to describe something that is name less , universal, omnipotent , all encompassing, beyond comparisons, its an attempt with words to try and describe our true nature , or What” we are.

When we talk about going down the rabbit hole , this of course means delving into the areas of reality that many people find uncomfortable, becasue it requires them to think outside of their self created box.

However life in a box is incredibly limited, and this is where way-showers like David Icke  and others are creating a space where we can have a much more expanded conversation on the nature of reality.

And David Icke has certainly raised some  eyebrows  talking about Reptilian races like the Annunaki , or the ruling elite bloodlines and their Divine right to rule over human kind , and when confronted with these topics, many people simply shut down, it’s too much for them.

At the outer edges of the Rabbit hole you have voices like Alex Jones and Max Keiser who have done a tremendous job of shining a blinding light on the whole New World order, Illuminati, Globalist agendas.

But if you want to go deeper , if you want to know where the bloodlines came from, if you want to understand the multi dimensional nature of reality and how it all inter connects , then open your heart and take a listen to David.

Remember to  open your heart when  exploring the universe,  becasue the mind or ego will be concerned about what people might think, or that their belief system or religion might be challenged, be like David Icke and say the hell with what people think, and watch your life change exponentially virtually over night.

Below is a recent David Icke interview on none other than Niburu TV, Quite fitting of course . Its a brilliant interview with a brave soul who in my opinion is one of the Icons of the Apocalypse.


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