Apocalypse How: The Reflection

Have you ever held a mirror up to another mirror?  If not try it sometime , it really is quite fascinating, and it makes an excellent visual  for the nature of consciousness , the never ending within.

Have you ever been watching a movie , and then , in the movie someone is watching a movie , imagine that in that movie someone was watching a movie as well , and so on, to infinity.

Now the movies are slightly different for each person being watched, but ultimately there is really only one person,or consciousness,  all that is. Every thing is simply a refection of all that it is, watching it , watch itself , an infinite reflection.

This is the nature of what we are  and how we interact with ourselves, how we project and how the universe reflects that back to us , so not only do we act as projectors, all of our projections are reflected back to us , a self feedback loop.

As individuated consciousness , our state of being , projects outwardly, energies of a certain vibration , and when they hit resonance the are reflected back to us , its a simple , beautiful process.

From this perspective we are transmitters and receivers, of course we would be , we are everything.  The reflection we see in the mirror cannot smile  unless we smile , cannot frown unless we frown.

It is merely a refection. Physicality, our private spaces , our relationships with others , are just  a reflection of  our state of being. If you want to know more about someone’s inner life , just look at their outer life , this will give you a good idea of whats going on inside that person, its a reflection of their inner being.

A messy , disorganized home  is the reflection of a messy inner house. This is true with individuated consciousness as well as collective consciousness .

Understanding this idea will aide in empowering you , becasue once you know this and you truly want to live from love and create abundance and joy in your life , then all you have do , is be abundance and joy, and universe will support you.

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