Apocalypse How: Conscious Co Creator

We are all Co Creators of our individual and collective realities , even if we are completely unaware of the process. However being aware of the process and ” Consciously ” choosing what you want to create in your life is the major paradigm shift that is occurring for many of us right now in this moment.

“Being” a Concision Co Creator makes a ” Huge” difference in manifesting your highest joy ,creating synchronicity and levels of abundance you have previously never experienced , it’s the next leap in evolution , although in reality , we are simply re-awakening to that which we have always been.

So how does the process work , what does it mean and what is the “practical Application ” in your daily life of being a Conscious Co Creator.

Well first off it means that you are consciously aware that the reality , environment you experience around you is a refection of your thoughts , your definitions and beliefs !

I have always said if you want to get an idea of someones inner world , their inner reality , just look at their outer world, and you can get some idea of what is happening inwardly , why … becasue what is happening inside, inwardly , at the template level for that person is what will manifest in the outer world , universe is simply a mirror , a reflection.

If you walk into someones room and it reeks of  unwashed clothes ,bedding ,  body odor and is completely littered with trash and the person looks unhealthy with a frown on their face , with no light in their eyes ,  you can get an idea of what their inner reality is like form this simple observation.

Conversely when you see a happy , passionate , joyful  person , with abundance , love and passion in their life , you can feel that energy , that source energy flowing through them ,around them ,  into physicality , into the collective field.

So the difference here  is that one person is spewing garbage into the collective, essentially polluting the system , degrading the experiencing , while the other is adding to it , giving it integrity , which aides in holding the construct together.

Nothing new here of course , think Norman Vincent Peal’s think and grow rich , The Secret , and on and on, however as we expand our awareness our consciousness , we are realizing that it’s “all” about taking responsibility , and Consciously choosing what we should be giving our energy too , instead being unconsciously vampired by those around us , who use our source energy for their own agenda , think planet earth for the last few thousand years.

You see … once you become a Conscious Co Creator you no longer need the permission slips , or external tools, becasue you “know” that you are Consciousness , the only true substance in the universe, and you “Know ” that universe has to bend to your wishes, it “has” to reflect back to you that which you give out , whether its good or bad , it does not distinguish between the two, it simply mirrors.

So when you awake each day , and go to sleep each night inside of this “knowing” watch out people !!! It’s amazing at what universe, (that’s you and I ) ,can manfiest for ourselves , what levels of abundance , joy , passion we can experience in our moment by moment existence , and of course it’s totally self perpetuating , the more you allow it to work , the more it happens ,until it reaches exponential proportions , like a vortex , that is unstoppable , incorruptible ,  impenetrable ,  so just get out of the hell out of the way of the process.

All you really need to do is decide what you want in your life , Consciously Choose that which brings you the highest “joy and excitement ” and “HOLD THAT VIBRATION , that feeling , ” WITH NO EXPECTATION OF ANY OUTCOME  AT ALL  ” no matter what the outer circumstances are , and it will manifest , “IT HAS NO CHOICE !!!

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