Apocalypse How: Permission Slips

Permission slips are a way for us to “allow” into our lives things that we may be afraid of doing or things we do not believe we are capable of doing on our own yet .

Most of us have forgotten to a large degree that we are complete , self contained and require nothing outside of ourselves for survival , and I am talking about survival of the physical and non physical aspects of our existence.

Permission slips come in all shapes and sizes , they are used everyday on this planet , it may be as simple as saying to yourself , ” I have permission to have that pizza for lunch as long as I work out really hard afterwards”.

Or at another level it may be ”  We have permission to bomb those people to bring them freedom ! ”

Permission slips don’t always make sense and in reality they are usually masking a lie or underlying fear that we are covering up so that we don’t have to face the underlying  beliefs and definitions that require them to be used  in the first place , in other words they are in a sense a crutch , a way to escape responsibility !

As you grow in awareness , your use of permission slips will grow less and less , becasue as you expand your definition of who and what you are , the question becomes … who are you getting permission from ?

Of course the answer to that becomes more and more obvious as you progress on your path of expansion  , you asking permission from yourself , so after a while the process becomes just plain silly .

One of the by products so to speak of  the unfoldment , is that you do begin to take more and more responsibility for you state of being , your thoughts , words and actions  , and in doing so you gain a level a maturity that “knows” the idea of permission slips is a tool that you no longer need .

So the idea here isn’t that permissions are good or bad wright or wrong , it’s that after a certain level of self development , they become obsolete if you will , kinda like no longer believing in Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny , you just simply outgrow the need for them.

Ok … so here we go again … what is the practical application here , how does this help us , how does understanding  what permission slips are , further our development in becoming “Conscious Creators”  as opposed to Unconscious Creators.

Well the answer is simple , you don’t need permission from anyone or anything , you don’t need a guru or guide to experience your self , you don’t need a religion to experience God or all that is ,  you don’t need someone else to experience love , you don’t need material things to experience abundance .

Everything is within you , so next time your trying to decide whether it’s OK …to  do this or that , just ask your self , what is it , that is holding you back , you don’t need permission to follow your joy , your excitement , it’s OK , universe will support you in every way , you will be able to do what you need to do , when you need to do it …period !

So when it comes to making decisions , instead of using permission slips , “know”  that you are “The” creator of your own reality , and ask yourself , what is the most “exciting” thing you can act upon in this moment , and do that,  with ‘NO” expectation of the outcome , until you can act on it no further , and then … do it again !

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