Apocalypse How: War Ad Nauseam

Are you sick of  War , are you experiencing War Ad Nauseam , then you must be on planet earth , or perhaps more correctly , a version of planet earth that you are still in resonance with,  remember we cannot perceive that which we are not the vibration of, at least to some degree.

Is this really the best we can come up with , I mean it’s 2013 for Christ sakes. The sabers are rattling , Lil  Kim 2.0 is ranting and raving about western imperialistic powers wanting to destroy his country , which has him constantly  looking through his binoculars… for love , in all the wrong places ?

I mean , didn’t we just see this movie last year , the remake of  Red Dawn, I guess the social engineers of the world couldn’t provoke Iran into a war… yet ,  so here they are , yet again, creating the next boogie man for the masses to vent their anger , fear and loathing , to project that garbage into the collective consensus reality to manifest as ugly,  dirty ,  war.

This is the movie the human race has been playing out for a very long time now , this is War Ad Nauseam. What is it going to take for this cycle of madness to be broken ?

Well , for one thing we have to stop providing the ingredients for war to be possible , we as individuals have to improve the quality of our own individuated consciousnesses , so that we are no longer projecting these toxic ingredients into the collective.

Until that occurs , nothing will really change out there , on the big screen , once its on the big screen , it’s already a done deal . Which is why it becomes a very powerful feedback loop , that can create a type of prison , or trap , self created of course , we are not victims here, remember form a larger persepctive , you can shift , at any time , to a version of reality that is more in alignment with a more  loving , unified state of being , our natural , core state of being.

Remember universe  is a mirror for consciousness to experience  itself  in infinite probabilities , in infinite combinations. So if we are tired of the war program , then there is only one course of action , Shift !

It sounds easy enough and it can be,  and it should be , however as masters of limitation we have been playing this role for so long we have forgotten what we really are, what we are capable of.

What we need to do be doing is altering the projector (consciousness ) and changing the film ( beliefs, definitions ) , only then will the outer world show any change , only then will the movie on the big screen more closely resemble our core resonance.

We do this individually and collectively, so if there are approximately 7 billion people on this planet, or 7 billion individuated aspects of all that is , then there are at least 7 billion different versions of earth , 7 billion movies , all valid , all just as real as the others , and all simultaneously occurring.

This may be a difficult idea to conceptualize for some, but yes universe is that infinite , yes there is enough resources for all things to be allowed expression , for everything to be played out on the big movie theater of the cosmos, and this is only one planet we are talking about , one civilization , one race of beings , I know it is difficult to comprehend the immensity of “all that is”.

So don’t try to conceptualize with the mind, simply know from the heart , that this is the way it is , and we are all both the microcosm and the macrocosm , the observer and the observed , we are “all that is”.

From this expanded view you can begin to see , you can begin to understand that War will only end once you no longer fear it , this is the paradox, when we no longer fear war , we will no longer attract it .

So I say go ahead lets blow each other all to hell , and lets get on with it , or not , and lets get over it , it’s time to move on , to shift !

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