Apocalypse How: Definitions

How we define “something” determines the type of experience we will have with it . One of the more practical things we can do to utilize what we learn during the awakening process is to understand that our definitions determine our experiences.

Change our definitions and we change our world , quite literally . There is a simple equation that you can keep in mind to help in monitoring your inner dialogue , your narrative , so that you can better work with higher self in navigating the Apocalypse.

Definitions  equal Experiences !  That’s it , I know it’s too simple , we must make it more complicated , it has to be more complicated , however it is that simple , it’s the way the universe works !

This is why one persons paradise is another persons hell.  Why one persons blessing is another persons nightmare. It’s all about definitions , how we choose as individuals to define things for ourselves, that’s it.

Lets talk about how we define death for example , since it perhaps one of the most primal of all things or experiences that can happen when we are immersed in this simulation we call physicality .

We can either define death as an ending or a beginning . From a greater perspective it is  neither or both. So there are multiple ways to define death, each one with it’s own set of associated experiences and emotions. Choosing a definition that empowers you and brings a sense of joy and peace , would seem to be the obvious choice  , however , statistically it is the least chosen definition.

So why does such a simple idea seem so hard to master , so hard for people to believe , becasue it requires being responsible, taking responsibility , something society as a whole does not embrace , wholeheartedly.

And why is that , well it all has to do with the quality of consciousness that exists as whole . While there are many individuals who are aware of the idea that definitions and beliefs create their reality , the collective as a whole has not embraced this idea en masse.

Which is the reason much of the population of  earth is still stuck in the victim,  savior , perpetrator mode.  And while even though I am aware of all of this , there still must be some aspect of myself , that is also stuck their, other wise I could not perceive the idea at all , so here we are this is all part of the process , the unfoldment.

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