Apocalypse How: God is just Dog Spelled Backwards

There are many people that have this vision of God as some authoritarian being with white hair and beard, separate from themselves.

Well no shocker there,  that’s the kind of nonsense we are taught on planet earth , you ever notice Santa Claus and God kinda look the same.

Well I have a new visual for people when they think of God , think of the sweetest face on earth , your Dog. There is no coincidence in our naming of things.

Think about how close these words are in spelling and how perfect your Dog is in defining what God is supposed to be, unconditional love.

Think of the polarities, between God and Dog.  To be treated like a God is the essence of  human desire, to be treated like a Dog is something to be avoided.

Of Course us dog lovers know that’s not really true , most Dogs get treated better than humans around the house, and rightly so, they are truly amazing,  loving creatures.

Now think about how Humans essentially created the common house hold dog through genetic manipulation , or what we call breeding.

No there were not packs of wild poodles roaming the grasslands millions of years ago, we came up with this whole dog concept.

So there you have it , one species genetically manipulating another to serve them. Sound like a familiar story , think the Annunaki playing with the genetics of  early Neanderthal man to create a new species, a hybrid race , that we now know as modern man.

Its all good , from a greater perspective , the Annunaki , modern man , the Neanderthal , all living creatures and all of nature is simply a manifestation of  all that is , or God. In a sense to a Dog We are God.

Humans on this planet have such a limited persepctive of what God is which is why we have such a limited perspective of who we are , what we are , we are God.

So if you need to give God a face , just look at your Dog, you can’t go wrong and you will be a lot closer to reality than what we are taught by religion.

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