Illuminati: Conspiracy Burnout

Early on in ones awakening process, one of the terms that gets bantered around a lot is “The Illuminati” , of course  we think we know what it means.

It’s “Them” , the Evil doers, the Elite bloodlines, the Masons, the “Super Rich ” the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers.

No wait it’s the secrete societies, Skull and bones , Council of Foreign Relations , the Bilderberg Group, the Military Industrial Complex, The Alphabet agencies, the Black Operatives who work for the Roman Catholic Church.

Hey maybe some are good guys, like the founding fathers who were actually very illuminated and made incredible contributions to mankind, becasue of their connection to extra terrestrial influences.

Man those Bavarian dudes knew how to party.  All I have to say is even after a couple years of thinking about it , I can’t really tell,  definitively,  whether  the Illuminati are inherently good, or bad.

Or perhaps now that we are moving beyond polarity , beyond duality, good and bad are just concepts that don’t work anymore, for many of us anyway, Black and White just don’t seem to make sense , its all grey.

And that’s ok , it’s called integration, its called unity consciousness , it’s called waking up.  As much as I enjoyed the intrigue and adventure of all of the conspiracies as they unveiled themselves before me, I’m done, I’m fairly burned out on Conspiracies.

Not because I don’t believe they exist, no quite the opposite , it’s becasue I know they do, and I know there is nothing  I can do about “Them” .

What I can do , however , is acknowledge that vibrationally I am not in alignment with the behavior of these beings , and reach out with love , and in doing so , universe will fully support me in experiencing the version of reality that “I” am most in alignment with.

Many people  become entrapped in this part of the awakening process , stuck,  so to speak , thinking they must go out and destroy the Illuminati , the Bankers, the crooked politicians, the warlords, the  malevolent extra terrestrials.

But here is the key, once you realize that you are essentially the center of your own universe , that you are a universe ,  that “Everything” is a reflection of your beliefs, your definitions , that we can choose what version of earth , what type of collective we want to be part of , then essentially you have passed that level of the game.

From this more expanded  persepctive it gets easier to navigate the apocalypse , becasue you quit asking the question why , why do “they ” do this , why do “they ” do that , the answer is  becasue they can, remember all things are allowed expression.

The new question simply becomes, what do I want to experience  , how will I define things, becasue nothing has any built in meaning, except that which we clothe it with.

I admit , it’ challenging at first to let go , to wrap your head around this whole shifting from parallel reality to parallel reality, but it’s what we do every moment of every day , and things do change , maybe not as quickly as we would like , but it’s usually at the pace we need , for the type of experience we need,  for our own personal expansion, of our own personal universe.

The video below is an excellent example of how challenging it can be to make these leaps in consciousness. I have empathy for the person asking the question “WHY”  , its a dialogue that many of us play out in our minds.

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