Well I think it may be safe to say that the plan to force human beings  to buy something they may not need or want is “Toast” .  Obamacare is tanking by the minute and the recent headlines from  Time Magazine , echo the message clearly  “Broken Promise” .

It seems ,  even the main steam news is forced to admit the obvious out of fear of being totally irrelevant.

Of course most of us pay no attention to the promises of politicians anyway , so no one is going to be surprised that  what politicians say and what they do are two very different things .

Personally I have zero energy invested in politics as I see it for what it is , an illusion of choice, and I pretty much ignore most of what is going on within that sphere of reality , however when it comes to being forced to buy something I don’t want , I don’t need  and I don’t believe in , then I take a stand .

From my perspective our bodies belong to us , what we do or don’t with them is up to us , nothing is more personal than my body. So I have always stated to myself inwardly , that I will not participate in any way,  in the” farce ”  known as Obamacare , I will not be part of it , there is no acceptable reality for me,  where I will be forced to by health insurance nor do I resonate with the idea of being penalized or  fined for not doing so.
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Well it looks like we have shifted a bit more , ObamaScare is getting delayed , which is a good sign , lets just keep pushing it further out until it  falls off the edge of the radar and lets be done with it .

No one wants it , it’s just another form of taxation!

And of course there is obviously not enough support at the template level in this collective for this newest of artificial control constructs to maintain integrity , it’s falling apart before it even gets started , and to that I say excellent !

Remember shifting is not about the world changing , it’s about you , us , changing and then shifting to an already existing version of a parallel reality that is more in resonance with your new beliefs , your new vibration.
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