As we move deeper into 2014 and into the Awakening process, we are getting glimpses of a much greater reality , a reality that is infinite in nature , without beginning or end .

A reality,  that has been and always will be, a reality that encompasses  “all That Is”, there is nothing outside of this reality , every “thing” is within it, and that reality is “us” , consciousness .

There are many voices that stand out , that are acting as way showers for us “Humans” as we  awaken from our slumber and start to re-remember what we are .

Apocalypse How is a portal for these voices , a place where you can come and listen to the cosmic conversation.

Understanding the nature of reality is part of the process, although  the  “Practical Application”  of this knowledge is the most valuable to us when navigating the paradigm shift that is occurring here on Earth.
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Well here we are in the last days of 2012 , and while Nibiru hasn’t shown up yet, we have had quite a bit of excitement over the last few years in regards to earthquakes, extreme weather , increased solar activity , plenty of  high strangeness.

But …hey …we are all still here , well most of us, yes we have taken some casualties, but hell, people are dying every day, in automobile  accidents , wars, disease , skydiving, old age , earth quakes, tsunamis, boredom , hurricanes, tornadoes, and list goes on of ways in which we can leave the building, kick the bucket, check out.

So I find interesting how people will talk about moving to a safe place , sure there are places that are perhaps “safer” than others , and I can empathize with these feelings, especially as I watch Hurricane Sandy bare down on the east coast and the earthquake storm  in British Columbia.
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