Integration: Blending Physical and Non Physical Reality


The Apocalypse is providing us , as “Human” beings , the opportunity to integrate the physical and the non physical.

The physical is of course the construct we call the “human” animal.  And the non physical is “Being” ,  or source consciousness , playing the part of being human.

This integration process is speeding up dramatically as we move forward into areas of the universe that are more highly charged energetically , everything is increasing in vibration.

Awakening is really just becoming more of who we are, realizing that our human body is a construct , a vehicle with which to experience physicality.

So the Integration or Awakening  process,  is “Not” about trying to rid ourselves of physical existence , or to try and avoid this experience as if it is a lesser or less worthy type of experience.

I would suggest the opposite is true, Integration of these two polarities , the physical and the non physical is exactly why we are here and what the whole awakening process is about.

We are awakening , within physical reality, which is,  in a way , a type of lucid dream. We are awakening within this dream and acknowledging that we are in,  a type of dream, a construct created by us collectively.

We are acknowledging that we are infinite consciousness , having an experience , but we are “Not” the experience. This is where we can take some satisfaction in knowing we are at the cutting edge of  Experiential Exploration !

So the challenge before us is to remain “Awake” in this collective dream, and by doing so bring into this experience aspects of our true nature which is , unconditional love, empathy, understanding.

And by doing so we become templates within this construct , beacons if you will , that others who are playing the game can emulate or match vibrationally, and because the universe is holographic in nature this will aide in the expansion of all that is.

The practical application or the positive benefit of this integration process is a growing appreciation of the experience , no matter what the outer circumstances , your life can feel more like a performance art, more like an adventure, a journey.

There will more be emphases on the quality of the experiences and interactions with each other . More so than any kind of material wealth , gain or social status.

Those were aspects of the old paradigms , and those paradigms are crumbling and unsustainable, and without integrity as we can see in the “Outer World” .

Integration is really just  “Us”  moving into a more unified “State Of Being” , or Unity Consciousness. Moving out of Polarity Consciousness.

So each day in our interaction with others , lets ask ourselves  how can we be more representative of  our infinite nature , how can we be more compassionate,  more understanding , more loving.

The more we bring these attributes into physicality , the more integrated we become, the more we can help to undue the fear based programs that are currently predominate.

This is the practical application , the benefit of “Being Awake”.


In the video below we get a rare peak into a personal interaction with Bashar. During the meeting omcasey1 asks many good questions about the energies that are coming in and their effect on the Human experience.


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