Apocalypse How: The Unraveling


Are you ready to unravel yourself ,  and be free of all of the illusions  that you think are “You ” !

Do you ever tire of playing the game , playing the part, keeping up with the maintenance of being you, being a personality is much like being an actor , with roles to play , lines to remember , proper makeup and clothing , it’s a lot of work.

However as we become more expanded during our awakening, one of the by products , or one of the effects is that you actually start to become  less identified with your human persona , you start to unravel yourself from the bonds of beliefs ,   in other words you are in the world but not of it.

You no longer think of your self as Bob the electrician , or Mary the nurse , or an American or a Californian , or the million other little  ways in which humans categorize themselves , each one creates a layer,  wrapping source consciousness in an ever increasing tangle of  symbolic rope, until one day all you see is rope and you can barely move, a prisoner in your own self created matrix.

And these layers keep building up over time until we really have no idea ” WHAT “we are, however we ” think ” we know ” WHO ” we are , we are Bob the electrician , who lives in Colorado, in the city of Denver, who likes football, votes Democrat, drives a Ford, Likes to hunt , likes rock music , is ex military , currently divorced , has 2.3 children , is against abortion , yet is pro gay marriage ( OK, I’m just making this up ) but you get the idea ,   and on and on the layers build up .

However if you ask most people ” WHAT ” they are , you will probable get the deer in the head lights look of bewilderment , with no real recognition as to “what” your even talking about , what to do you mean “What”  am I ” !  I’m Bob.

However  as you begin to unravel “yourself”  through the process of  awakening , little by little you begin removing all the societal trappings , ( and I mean Trap ings )  and you take them off  like clothing and toss them to the side , they are the outdated beliefs that no longer support you , definitions that dis empower you , until ultimately , little by little with each revelation , each mini Apocalypse within you , you remove the veil of illusions.

It’s a process, it doesn’t happen over night  , but at some point you get to where you think of yourself as simply a conscious observer, or consciousness that is Playing the part of “Being Human” ,and from this persepctive you can begin to get a glimpse of “WHAT ” you actually are.

You are an eternal being , there is no beginning or end to you , you have always been and you shall always be.  You are a fractal of the one , yet you will always experience yourself as the one.

Once this realization starts to set in , once it is simply a  ” knowing ” , then you have effectively unraveled yourself from the Matrix.

Most humans on this planet are heavily identified with their personality , ego if you will , and there is nothing right or wrong good or bad about that fact, it is a type of experience, just as valid as all other types of experiences , it can beautiful , horrible, and everything in between , that is it’s purpose, it is a highly polarized experience , and has great purpose and you can give it what ever meaning you choose , nothing has built in meaning.

However there is an incredible sense of freedom of lightness when you start to unravel, you know longer carry the baggage of you beliefs , you keep your beliefs , light , flexible , no loner rigid and heavy.

You can enjoy your persona , your role , the part you play as one might enjoy and appreciate a beautiful work of art, as an expression of universe , a performance art ,   a perfect , complete and valid expression , from this persepctive you see  everything else as valid and allow all others expression, with no judgement , with no filtering, no expectation, you can simply be … this is ” what”  we are , pure conscious,  source energy !

You “know” universe will support you on this journey , you know you are universe there is no destination ever, we are always exploring and growing , there is nothing that has to be “accomplished”  , you can simply relax and enjoy the ride, enjoy the show .

And when you pass from this life , you discard the physical body , just like an old coat that is no longer needed, is worn out and has served its purpose , it’s tossed to the side with no more import than an old piece of clothing, and all of your experiences as Bob the electrician or Mary the nurse  will enrich all that is , are necessary for all that is to be all that it is.

So what are some of the practical applications of the unraveling or more accurately the  positive side effects of letting go of all the layers of persona.

.1  Joy and Synchronicity will flow abundantly when you quit trying to control all situations  and especially other people, as you begin to re program yourself , you will find that you will no longer have the urge to follow your old impulses based on fear becasue when you do so you will be able to see that it leads to contraction of spirit of energy.

.2 Life will become simpler , less stressful as you trust that since you are universe (not merely Bob) , and universe is infinitely abundant , you don’t have all this weight on your shoulders , just take it one day at a time, live in the moment , and appreciation will become natural for you.

.3 You will find that you no longer ramble on about yourself, trapped in your personal narrative or story , you see a lot of humans in this state , you know the ones that go on and on like a broken record , the same story over and over, this state becomes more obvious now, and you recognized it for what it is and see it as a source of limitation.

.4  Relationships will increase in quality as the quality of your consciousness increases, becasue you are operating from a more refined , closer to source perspective , as opposed to operating from ego and filtering through all your beliefs, you will have compassion , empathy and unconditional love for those around you and they will mirror that back to you in a positive feedback loop , harmony will become the norm , universe is a mirror .

.5  Your over all health and well being will be improved, you will become more unified , more holistic , more balanced in your energies and you will act as a living template a receiver for which theses love based energies can flow into physicality , positively effecting those around you and the entire universe, for any change is a complete change !

So lets unravel , what the hell,  what have you go to lose , just let it go !



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