Apocalypse How : The Possession


No … not the movie  , there have been too many possession movies , this is a rather boring possession , so no projectile vomiting or levitation , well at least not today anyway.

I’m talking about the possession of the entire human race!

The human race is possessed , not by evil demons , not by the Archons, or Wetiko or mind parasites , and not even by Satan, nope… the human race is possessed by something far more sinister !

We are all possessed by our minds … OK … I know what your  “Thinking “ … and that is precisely the problem !  We have all become completely identified with our thinking , we actually believe the voice inside our head is …what we are!

This possession by the conditioned mind is a very subtle process, we don’t even know we are possessed , how can we !  In our society our insanity is considered quite normal , so no one knows the difference , in fact the person who is not possessed by his mind is usually seen as the strange one, the outcast  , you know guys like Jesus , Buddha the Gandhi  , the people society usually wants to kill or silence !

And of course once you start to “think” about the possibility that the mind is pulling the strings in your life, your already using the tool that has entrapped you, it’s a bit like trying to quench your thirst with salt water … impossible!

So how does one go about exorcizing this demon we call the conditioned mind , well that is a good question,the first step is to be able to acknowledge that you are possessed , of course I’m having fun here and using this whole possession metaphor to keep  the conditioned mind interested and to continue reading , because the mind is not interested in enlightenment !

Our minds theses days are so over loaded with stimuli , unless we are talking Zombies , spying from government agencies, polar vortexes, end of the world scenarios we don’t even notice  , we have become desensitized … to say the least !

The more present one becomes , the more the possession can be seen in others , it’s like your not really talking to a conscious thinking being,  it’s more like talking to a program that has built in auto responses, responses based on their beliefs and definitions , most of which have been given to them by culture and society .

Of course once you recognized that everyone is possessed , that it is the human condition , you can really start to see it in yourself as well , which is a good thing .

Because recognizing that the conditioned mind has possessed you , knowing that our over identification with thoughts has created a false self , will point you in the right direction , and you will soon be able to start the process of exorcising this demon , we call the conditioned mind .

Notice we use the term the conditioned mind, the mind itself is a valuable and much needed tool here in physicality , however the conditioning of the mind and our over identification with it,  is what causes all the suffering on this planet.

When people that are completely possessed interact with each other , it is so easy to become caught up in who is right , and who is wrong , it is so easy to blame this person or that person , when we are possessed by our minds we are cut off from source consciousness,and we are always looking for ways to control and manipulate others and situations , to vampire energy off of others , because in our state of possession we have no power of our own.

To a large degree this is the state of unconsciousness on this planet, a world possessed by the conditioned mind , and many of the so called political leaders, the elite of the world are experiencing the highest level of possession there is , hence their insatiable need for dominance and control over others .

The cure to this possession is Present Moment Awareness, or presence!  When we are present , this demon is vanished , it cannot exist in the light of presence , remember this when dealing with others , try and be as present as possible and watch how it effects your relationships in a very positive way.

So when you see that homeless man or woman walking down the street ranting and raving , you know those “crazy” people, just remember , are they really so different, I mean if everyone could “hear” what we were thinking all the time , it wouldn’t sound much different… constant rambling !



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