Apocalypse How: Clarity Of Mindlessness


We have all heard the common phrase , “Clarity Of Mind ” , well I am changing it to ” Clarity Of Mindlessness !

In the mind created world , the word Mindless has negative connotations , meaning lacking intelligence ,  not having good sense , careless , no purpose,  direction or meaning.

Wow … so not being completely identified with the mind  is a real no no here in physicality , no wonder humans are so easily manipulated, even our language is biased towards the conditioned mind persepctive.

I have been talking about the mind a lot lately , what I call the monkey mind, the conditioned mind , thoughts , thinking , self talk , inner chatter and so on , and the reason is because it represents our biggest challenge in our re awakening into the present moment , in that context the conditioned mind is our worst enemy , more so than any conspiracy minded outer threats.

In fact , I would suggest the conditioned mind, the ego is the reason for conspiracies , it is the reason for corruption , the reason for greed, the reason for the need to control , the creator of Hitler , the creator of the Military Industrial Complex, the creation of the police state , all of the control grid mechanisms in other words , are all  created , fabricated , manifested out of the fear based persepctive of the conditioned mind, this is where all of this crap is coming from , of which all of the garbage of humanity , the accumulated negative energies manifest within the “co created ” collective reality.

Yes … the co created reality on this planet right now is a largely an unconscious creation , its on auto pilot , humanity lives in the future or the past, very few humans are truly present , they are asleep at the wheel , the world around them seems to pop up out of no where , they are not conscious of their part in creation , in this state , awareness is completely identified with life situations , while life , existence itself … is rarely experienced .

Eastern philosophies like Zen No Mind have been combating this psychosis of the mind for a very long time, so nothing new here , however most of humanity is heavily identified with thinking and that’s how the mind likes it !

Why … because the conditioned mind does not want us awake and in the present moment , because in the present moment , the mind is of no real import, it is part of the world of form , it is an illusion and of course this is very threatening to the egoic mind, it’s very existence is on the line with regards to our re awakening , so in a sense there is an internal battle going on in each of us , which creates much disharmony , which can easily be seen in the collective mind , or consensus reality , which is absolutely insane.

You could say the conditioned  mind is a separate entity  ,and we are all possessed by it , and only by recognizing this can we heal it and restore it back to it’s original function , which is simply a tool while we are here in physicality, it is most certainly not what we are , although many do not understand this,  they are identified with the thinking , they have not experienced being an aware observer  , in this mode you are able to feel the difference between thinking and being  .

Just look around the planet right “Now ” and you can see the insanity of the conditioned mind reflected in the outer world , greed, corruption , pollution and destruction of our planet, wars and killing in the name of god, entertainment and media , bread and circus , the mind must be entertained , it needs Stimuli , it must have more Stimuli !

The Stimuli is what keeps the mind alive , with out it , it becomes blatantly obvious that it is simply an illusion , a by product of being , of consciousness.

You see we have been asleep , we have been immersed in the reality of the mind , in a type of dream , or construct created by the egoic mind ,one could say we have been trapped in time , although trapped is probably not the best word, but words are all we have when we use our … mind.

As we enter a state of mindlessness we are no longer subject to past and future , there is only the present moment , the conditioned mind creates a past and a future with it’s incessant thinking , it does this out of fear of annihilation .

Real clarity comes when the mind is quiet , when there is no incessant chatter , we have all experienced these moments , usually when we are doing something  that we are passionate about , something we really enjoy doing, we will experience a period  of “No Time” , hours will have passed , although it only seems like half that time .

This is because when we are present , and awareness is focused outside of mind , there is no time ,  we are no longer  “Creating Time” , by our lack of presence , this has a direct effect on the physical body as well and can be demonstrated in the process of aging.

Someone who lives much of their life in the moment , will not be creating as much time , so they will age more gracefully  , their body will not be as ravaged by “time” , they will also be more joyful  and more at peace , they will not be burdened by all the distortions of the ego , they will not be lost in their life story , their personal narrative ,  they will have “Clarity of Mindlessness ” .

A good example of this state of being is in the animal world and nature , being in nature , is a good way to clear your mind ,and become more present , animals and plants are not distracted by a mind , they simply exist , completely in the present moment, even the squirrel or the bear , who stock up on nuts and calories do so out of instinct , they are not concerned about winter , they have no concerns or problems, problems are manifested by mind, the mind loves conflict and problems .

The mind is not bad ,it’s not evil , although evil is manifested from the minds insanity, mind is simply a tool , a tool that has become our master, we have become slaves to the conditioned mind , so awakening , being present, and mindlessness are a more empowered state of being.

The practical application of mindlessness, is having more peace, joy and abundance in your life, becasue in this state, your in the present moment , which is where all of our power comes from , it is the only true reality.

Try it you’ll like it ,so  start pruning your garden , cut off all the old dead branches (outdated beliefs that create limitation ) , get rid of all the weeds ( thoughts that belong to the conditioned mind ) , clear the garden and create space for a new state of being( present moment awareness ) !


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