Apocalypse How: Expectation is Limitation


Expectation can be a form of limitation . Having no expectation at all about anything frees up universe to bring you abundance in ways you would have never “expected”.

Because we are creating our reality moment by moment , day by day , expectation can become self fulfilling, in another words expectation can be turned into intent , albeit unconsciously.

It’s simple physics at play here, if your expecting bad things to happen , then your focus will be negative and of course your thoughts will become negative and as creator beings this translates into asking universe for things we don’t want to happen.

And of course universe will support whatever we are asking for , it makes no distinction between good or bad , positive or negative, it simply fills in the void we have created , the template we have set forth .

Even if your aware of  your co creative power, and your expectations are positive, love based and seeking your highest joy and excitement , expecting a certain outcome , may very well limit you , becasue universe could have had done so much better had you simply made your intent clear and allowed universe to take it from there , with no expectation.

This can be a challenging state of being to master in a world that teaches us that “we must have specific goals” , and there is nothing inherently wrong with that , as long as we allow room for these goals to manifest “any way ” that they might.

Lets say for example that your goal or intent was to one day have a nice home in the country , if you simply put that “out there” without any expectation , you may find yourself in a beautiful home , right on a lake , near the ocean , surrounded by the incredible beauty and diversity of nature.

Had you been more rigid in your beliefs and definitions , had you held certain expectations about how you would manifest this in your life , worried about how you would pay for it , what type of career you would have to be in to make the kind of money to afford such a beautiful place, worried that you would not be able to afford it, so you visualized , or had expectations , about a lesser, more affordable , country home .

Well then your expectations would have held you back , limited universe’s ability to manifest something far greater than you could have ever imagined ever manifesting in your life, this is the key , this is how expectations can be a form of limitation.

This can be applied to anything , material wealth, careers, relationships , spiritual growth ,creative endeavors, anything and everything that you could ever imagine that is your highest joy , that you would want to manifest in your life, just get out of the way and allow universe to work with your heart in taking you to places you would have never dreamed possible , with No Expectations !


And Remember !
The best possible version your physical mind is capable of imagining is the least possible version your higher mind can imagine.


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