Universe mirrors our state of being , our beliefs , our definitions … there is the individual mirror , this is our personal home life and what we experience “directly ” … and then there is the collective mirror , this is the world we see via , Internet , TV and other forms of media.

These screens , monitors and televisions ,   “tell us about” a world that exists , that we do not necessarily experience directly at  all ,  unless of course its in resonance with our core vibration …meaning… if we are so inclined to join the military or live in a war zone, all of which are choices at some level , unless of course you believe that your a victim ,if that’s the case none of this will make any sense to you , it will not resonate at all.

The vast majority of us never actually experience war “directly ” … and once you quit believing in it , quit giving it your support , your source energy …then over time you “will” shift … shift to a version of reality where , becasue there is no longer support for that construct it no longer exists…never has existed , from this perspective as an “Aware Observer ”  you can  consciously make the choice that says no I do not prefer war to be a part of my reality  … I no longer hold any belief systems that validate these types of fear based paradigms , this this is how you change the world or more accurately … how you change “your” world !
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Well the business of War never sleeps and the next target of acquisition for the empire is Iran.  We are all now being bombarded with the latest advertising campaign to convince us that Iran is the Enemy.

Most of us that are awake can see right through this , we know that War is Simply a business model that has been used by the ruling class for thousands of years.

There also seems to be an element of occult sacrifice as well , each soldier clad in uniform with the sacred markings , willing participants who are used as cannon fodder for the purpose of creating pain , suffering , fear.

This is the current paradigm we are in , the United States has been hijacked for this purpose, it has become the military arm of the empire,  although along the way universe in its self organizing way has separated the wheat from the chaff.

And now, there are those  of us , millions of  Americans , and millions of people around the world , who have reached a state of awareness, who are re connecting to source consciousness,  where we can see the big picture and the lies about war, we are becoming sovereign beings , that can see beyond the veil.

We “know”  Iran is not the enemy , we know that every single solitary war on this planet is merely the rich manipulating the poor.

We “know” this at the very core of our being, we no longer believe, we no longer accept this as a part of our construct , we are no longer willing or unwitting participants in this paradigm.

And this is how each of us can become “willing participants for change” , by not participating, by not believing in this construct, by actively educating ourselves as to the facts of how and why war is waged.

The more of us that reach this state of awareness, the more difficulty the “War Construct” will have in finding support at the creation level, where all “things” start.

Everything “Out There ” in the world , in physicality , are simply  manifestations of our beliefs, our definitions of things. Once our support is removed from this construct, it “Will ” perish due to lack of source energy.

Or another way to describe it is , once you as an individual , as a fractal of all that is, no longer support or believe in the concept or construct of World War 3 and the death of millions , then you will no longer resonate with that concept vibrationally.

If you are no longer in vibrational alignment with it , then you cannot experience it , you will experience another time line, another version of earth more in alignment with your frequency, your vibration.

Those that want war and destruction , will have it , the universe is infinite , all things are allowed expression. This is the esoteric knowledge , the way to think , not what to think.

As I watch the headlines, the Fear Mongering, the manipulation, the saber rattling , the war drums beating, I smile and I say to universe, and my higher self ,     “I DO NOT WANT THIS”   !!!  “I AM NOT A WILLING PARTICIPANT'”  !!!  “THIS IS “NOT” MY HIGHEST JOY” !!!  “I SEE THE LIE” !!!

We are in the age of transparency, lifting of the veil , the quickening, this is the Apocalypse, and its a good thing !!!

Iran is Not The Enemy

Iran Is Not Our Enemy from Irani Friend on Vimeo.


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